Sam Concepcion Leads Asianovela Inspired Boyband Called 'A-Pop'!

Kapamilya network once again launched another group. After the teen-heartthrob boys called "Gigger Boys", another new group inspired by the hit Asianovelas is born! They were called "A-Pop"!

One of the "Gigger Boys" members and former"Little Big Star" graduate Sam Concepcion is one of the hottest known member of this new team.

Sam together with the new teen boys in town namely Jaco Benin, Young JV, and Nel Gomez composed the team!

A-Pop will be launched via music video as they sing the new Asianovelas offering of ABS-CBN. Their song is entitled "Aja Asianovelas"! Yup, this is the official theme song of the new Asianovelas to be shown by the network this succeeding quarter of 2010.

And as its premiere offering, the Kapamilya network is set to launch the much-awaited hit light-comedy Koreanovela called “He’s Beautiful” on Monday, August 16 before "Momay"! But A-Pop's first song called "Aja Asianovela" will be first seen via live performance in ASAP XV this coming Sunday afternoon!

Wow, it seems that this new boy group is so promising and exciting! I'm pretty sure that they will gonna be a promising hit! Well, to count some of the hottest group launched by ABS-CBN, we have "The Hunks", "IT Girls", "Sessionistas", "D-Lite", "YRS", "Kanto Boys", "Gigger Boys", and "Cover Boys"! Yup, these groups were really famous today! Keep it up Kapamilya! And of course good luck A-Pop, the new promising boyband! Cheers! C",)

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