The Story of a Boyband Will Be The Next Hottest Koreanovela in ABS-CBN!

Termed as "the first and true home of Asianovelas", ABS-CBN will soon air one of the hit and sought after Koreanovela today. This is the light-comedy Korean drama entitled "He's Beautiful" or "You're Beautiful"!

Teasers and plug-in of this new Koreanovela craze were already seen in the Kapamilya network!

Since as of these days, K-Pop music, K-Pop band, or Korean boyband were a worldwide hit, what if these things were merged in one Korean series?!

Well, the answer is this new TV series! "He's Beautiful" is mainly all about the story of the hit Korean boyband! If I'm not mistaken, the original title of this soap is "You're Beautiful"! But why it is called as "He's Beautiful"?!

It's probably because one of the member of the boyband is a girl! Yup, that girl camouflage herself as a man! Can you spot her here in the picture?!

The launching of this new Koreanovela was very much prepared! A new Kapamilya boyband called A-Pop was formed to sing the official Asianovela launching theme song of the network entitled "Aja Asianovela"! And they were officially introduced the song as well as the band this Sunday in ASAP XV!

I will give you more updates and insights regarding this new Koreanovela on my succeeding posts so stay tuned! C",)

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