An Emotional 'Noah' Theme Song Called "Kahit Na Malayo Ka"!

The ultimate heartthrob and leading man Mr. Piolo Pascual sings the theme song of their top-rated fantaserye "Noah"!

On this said fantasy TV series, Piolo plays the role of a good and dedicated policeman named Gabriel. His truthfulness and dedication to his service pave the way to the lost of his only son Jacob. Even his marriage with Ruth (Jodi Sta. Maria) broke because of the lost of their child!

But they didn't know that their son Jacob is now Eli (Zaijan Jaranilla) who is raised in the tribe of the 'ungtas' ("taong-unggoy)!

Though many believe that Jacob was already dead, Gabriel didn't loose his hope that his son is still alive! Bravely, he went alone in the island of "Noah"!

This is some of the latest episodes of this hit fantaserye. Everybody really avidly watch this in Primetime Bida. But besides the story and the cast,, everyone got curious with its theme song!

The theme song of it is entitled "Kahit Na Malayo Ka"! Papa P. truly puts his emotions on the song! Everybody feels it so deeply!

Right now, the official music video of it was not yet officially release! But in the music video, the scenes were taken in the TV series itself! While watching the soundtrack MTV, the story was even told as the important scenes were shown!

So let us all watch this emotional and dramatic but meaningful official theme song of "Noah"! Have your handkerchief with you! Nice one! Great job Piolo! C",)

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