A Romantic 'Midnight Phantom' Finale!

Finally, we all witnessed a very romantic ending of another Martha Cecilia's masterpiece called "Midnight Phantom", another Precious Hearts Romances Presents installation!

The story and the ending is almost the same with the original story in the pocketbook. Nadja (Denise Laurel) and Brandon (Rafael Rosell) end up together! Nadja get pregnant in the end.

A musical ending serenades the viewers. Brandon sings together with his other two friends in the stage where Nadja, Tanya (Ina Raymundo), as well as the other casts where listening! Denise and Rafael were too perfect for their respective roles! Great one!

So, let us all watch this beautifully romantic ending of "Midnight Phantom"! And let us all feel the love over and over...! C",)

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