A Very Tragic 'Rubi' Ending!

Tragedy, sacrifice, and death summarized the finale of this hottest Mexiconovela remake on Primetime Bida, "Rubi"! All of us didn't almost breath as we witness this unexpected teleserye finale!

But before the tragic end, Hector (Diether Ocampo) finally discovered that he was the real father of Rubi's baby (whom he killed) through the result of the DNA test.

Anger and vengeance filled the heart of Hector. He wanted Rubi (Angelica Panganiban) and Alejandro (Jake Cuenca) to pay for his own crime! A phone call by Hector serves as his trap!

Rubi went to Hector's house. From there, he brought Rubi to a secret abandoned building. There, physical abuse was done by Hector to Rubi. Hector even called Alejandro to save Rubi from his killing hands!

But a tragic event occurred! In the middle of Rubi and Hector's fight, Rubi eventually hanged from the building. Hector even pulled her up but a reverse thing happened! Hector was the one who was pulled down leading for the two of them to fall from the building!

Hector died from this accident! Rubi on the other hand lost her feet and her good looks! This causes the changes to their own lives !

Hoooh...so tragic! But the good thing is that Rubi now learns to be humble and beg forgiveness to all the persons she had done wrong! In short, Rubi becomes a kind person or now a pure-hearted 'bida'!

I won't tell you the rest of the story! See it to yourself how the ending of "Rubi" goes! Let's all see this tragic on the start but a very nice in the end finale of "Rubi"! Have your handkerchief with you before watching! C",)

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