Episode 4 - A Love That is a Trap in 'Maling Akala'!

More and more secrets have been discovered in the fourth episode of this crazy cool Your Song Presents installation called "Maling Akala"! Imagine, it was not only the characters of Ai-Ai Delas Alas and Kim Chiu who were making a camouflage! Rather, the people who were really close to this mother and daughter were making their own pretensions!

As Mr. Karl Anda is getting closer and closer to the character of Ai-Ai, Alex Castro's role is also getting closer to Kim's character. He is now starting to court the girl. He even invited her to have a date with him outside their home.

But the mother and daughter didn't knew that Mr. Karl Anda and Alex Castro's role is actually a father and son! They have an evil plan to let Ai-Ai and Kim to fall in love with them since the real Anda family has a great debt with these two guys! So, Karl Anda is not really an Anda huh?! Hmmm...

Well, let us altogether watch this exciting episode 4 of "Maling Akala" and let's discover who is real and who is really fake! Two thumbs up! C",)

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