The Original 'Agua Bendita' Theme Song!

The phenomenal hit fantasy series today called "Agua Bendita" is now on its second to the last week! The last episodes of it is really getting more and more exciting!

From the start to the very latest episodes of it, this said TV series is capturing the hearts and attentions of televiewers! From Xyriel Anne Manabay who played the young Agua and Bendita to Andi Eigenmann who is now playing the beautiful Agua and Bendita, the TV ratings of it get higher and higher!

Even the theme song of it is really much appreciated! From Aria Clemente who sings the original theme song of it called "Malayo Pa Ang Umaga" when Agua and Bendita were still young up to the latest version of it from Ms. Vina Morales, both themes were really very good!

So as we pay tribute to the success of "Agua Bendita", I have here with you the the full version of "Agua Bendita" theme song called "Malayo Pa Ang Umaga" as sung by Aria Clemente! But it is not only a song! The important episodes of it from the beginning to the latest were shown in the music video! So we will realize how the story and plot of it developed!

Are you ready now to look back on the previous episodes of this hit fantaserye before the series ends next Friday?! Well let's all watch the important episodes of "Agua Bendita" the same time as we listen to its original theme song! Nice one! C",)

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