A Bye-Bye Time for 'Pilyang Kerubin'!

The so-called charming and lovable angel sent by heaven will finally bid goodbye tonight in GMA Telebabad!

A smooth heart-warming and kind-heart ending is expected tonight!

We will see how a loving daughter will sacrifice all that she have just for the sake of her mother as the querobin Anglica (Barbie Forteza) will exchange her feathers just to save her mother Melissa (Angelika Dela Cruz)!

A struggle will also be seen between the forces of good and evil! But in the end, still a happy ending is expected! A most-awaited marriage is also awaiting!

From the start to the end, this light fantasy series of GMA-7 seems like following the path of "May Bukas Pa" and "Momay" not in the TV ratings they got but in the style they have! It seems it is like "May Bukas Pa" as different stories portrayed by the different guest stars were showcased! Then it is also seems as "Momay" in the story plot when a died child who eventually became an angel was sent back to earth for a certain mission to guide her love ones! Hmmm...!

But then, still an originality was also seen in this TV series when an angel was focused in the story! They also got the acceptance of TV viewers for its short span of airing on TV!

Now on its finale, viewers will wait and see how the story will be concluded! Will an angel still remains as angel?! Let's all reserve our seats on our TV screen tonight in Telebabad for "Pilyang Kerubin" finale! Good luck! C",)

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