The First 'Agua Bendita' Series in 'Komiks Presents'!

The current hit fantasy series today called "Agua Bendita" starring Andi Eigenmann, Matteo Guidiceili, and Jason Abalos is not the very first "Agua Bendita" series shown on TV!

Yup, actually this said TV series from the comic creation of Rod Santiago was first seen on a Saturday mini-TV series of ABS-CBN called Komiks Presents !

In this mini-series, it was Ms. Shaina Magdayao who played the dual role as Agua and Bendita! Then, it was her former loveteam Rayver Cruz who played as Ronnie! Ronnie's mother was played by Ms. Amy Perez while Dr. Marcial Cristi was portrayed by Raymond Bagatsing!

The role of Paco was not part of this mini-series! Even Dona Amalia or popularly known as Wowa was not seen here!

So again as part of my tribute to the success of "Agua Bendita", I will share with you the first "Agua Bendita" TV series which was shown before on Komiks Presents! Watch this and try to compare and contrast its story to the latest "Agua Bendita" we have today! Did they made a difference?! In this mini-series, Agua finally became a human form! How...?! It's for you to watch! C",)

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