Meet the Female Castaways of 'Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown'!

The third season of one of the successful reality shows in Philippine TV from the Kapuso network is about to begin this month. "Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown" is very anticipated in GMA Telebabad.

GMA-7 already revealed the 18 celebrity castaways! So, are you ready to know them?!

So let us start to know these 9 gorgeous female castaways. And see how tougher they were!

Aira Bermudez"The Dancing Warrior”

She's one of the famous member of the successful girl group called Sexbomb! She dances gracefully as she can.

Now that she's one of the castaways, can she able to dance in the rhythm of challenges?! Can she able to win home the grand prize now that she will face the real dancing of life!

Aubrey Miles “Ang Pasimuno”

She one of the sexy actress we all know! She already made different sexy movies showing her hottest! Now being a mother of 2 children, she is also termed as 'hot mama'!

Will her hotness and sexiness enable her to got the prize?!

And I just then wonder why she termed as 'pasimno'? We'll see...!

Elma Muros - "Strong Mama"

She one of the known athletes today. Her name really brought the Philippines in victory in the field of sports! She' really a sport-minded woman!

Now the question goes, can she able to win this new game of real life?!

Karen Delos Reyes - "Taray Queen"

She used to be one of the hottest youngstar from the Kapuso network. Her first TV commercial of a fast-food chain is really remarkable in the history of TV!

Now, will she also become remarkable in this third season of "Survivor Philippines"? She even played different kontrabida role in different teleseryes maybe that's why she is called as such!

Michelle Madrigal - "The Outcast"

She's another character actress on TV. She also used to play different kontrabida roles.

Is she also a kontrabida in real life that's why she is termed as an "outcast"? What more will she do in her co-castaways to be the next sole survivor? This is her second reality competition after being an artista search finalist from the other network!

Moi Bien - "Yayang Palaban"

After being seen in the first "Kimmy Dora" movie, this so called "yayang palaban" caught the hearts and stomachs of the people as she made as laugh!

Now in this reality game, can she be as tougher as her title?! We will all see...!

Myka Flores - "Bidang Extra"

This girl really makes us laugh all the way! She really made our bored nights wonderful and colorful! Her role in "Bubble Gang" is really a remarkable one!

Now in this real-life challenge, can she still makes us laugh? What more can we expect from her?!

Princess Snell - "Ang Pasaway"

I wonder how a beautiful princess like her becomes a so-called "pasaway"? her character really different from her outer self? Or she is really misunderstood?! How can she join and compete her co-castaways?!

Well, we will also see how this pretty princess becomes an independent woman in this island?!

Solenn Heussaf - "Diwata Ng Kagubatan"

She's one of the hottest model today! She is living in a high-class way of living being an entrepreneur and a socialite!

Now in this island, how can a beautiful lady like her mingle with her teammates and survive the hard-way of living?!

Can her beauty and sexiness save her and let her get the three million pesos grand prize?!

Well, these were the complete 9 female castaways! The remaining half comprised the group of the hottest hunks! Exciting!

As you can see, they were a combination of different female personalities! Different beauties, different characteristics, different way of living all brought together in one island for 36 days!

From these 9 gorgeous ladies, do you ready saw your bet?! Who among them will you support 'till the end?! Will this third season of "Survivor Philippines" a time for the first female sole survivor?! Well, it's up to us and to them...! Thanks to where I got these beautiful female castaway photo posters! So nice! C",)

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