Meet the Male Castaways of 'Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown'!

The time is nearer to see the most-awaited reality TV show in the Kapuso Network. This is the "Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown"! This is now on the third season of this hit reality show since 2008.

After we already knew the gorgeous female castaways, time now to meet the hot hunky male castaways!

Are you ready to heat up your temperature with these hottest guys?! Well, let's all get to know the male castaways!

Ahron Villena"Ang Bolero"

A cute young actor and a product of reality show called "You're The Man" in ABS-CBN's MTV. Yup, he was the winner of that talent search.

After that, he became visible in different TV series and TV shows of the Kapamilya network. He is a favorite leading man in the different flavors of "Precious Hearts Romances Presents" like "Someone to Love", "My Cheating Heart", and "Bud Brothers"!

Now that he transferred to the rival network, will he again emerge as the winner like he got in "Your The Man"?!

He's really one of the cutest guy today. He's full of charm. But will his physical looks and charms lead him to be the next sole survivor?! And what other more qualities will we going to know about him?

Akihiro Sato"Mr. Nice Guy"

Hot, sexy, and oh so yummy model who is now creating a name in the Philippine showbiz as he appears in different TV shows and Indie movie. He is a Brazilian-Japanese hunk with a Filipino heart!

He even dominate the fashion and endorsement world as he became one of the hottest Penshoppe model! His billboards were scattered all over the long road of EDSA!

Now, Akihiro is entering another genre of Philippine entertainment as he became one of the male castaways.

Will people love him more in this edition of "Survivor Philippines"? Will his hotness, sexiness, and yumminess lead him to be the third sole survivor?! How nice Akihiro is?!

Buhawi “Buwi” Meneses"Tribe Leader"

Buhawi is the bassist of popular band called Parokya ni Edgar. He is a musician that plays instruments for this band.

Being part of this famous band, he became one of idols of the youth! He even got many exposures since 90's in the music world!

Now, Buhawi enters a new world away from music. How well can he play the true beat of music in real life? Can he able to attract the attention and sympathy of his tribe and of the people if he has no instrument playing in his hands?!

Well, we will see if Buhawi still maintains being an idol to many after his stay in the island! How far will he go in the world without music?! We'll see...!

Doc Ferdz Recio "The Boss"

He is the resident veterinarian of the animal documentary program in GMA-7 called "Born to be Wild"!

Being the doctor of many animals, he able to manage different types of animal species. He made many wilds animals tame!

Now living as a castaway in the island, will Doc Ferdz also learn to manage his co-castaways?!

We all know that this cute vet able to live in the different forest and other islands like this as we see in his weekly TV program. But the man question goes, will he able to grab the three million prize being the next sole survivor?! What more can we need to learn about this hot celebrity animal doctor?

Ervic Vijandre"The Power Player"

He is one of the stud power player in the hard court! He is also one of the idols of many being a strong and sporty basketball player!

Ervic even dominates the fashion world being also a model! Well, definitely because he really got the looks and sexiness! He's one of the hottest guy today!

And if I'm not mistaken, he is the former boyfriend of Marian Rivera!

Ervic is really known in the industry! Now that he became one of the castaways, the limelight is still focus on him! Will he still got the attention of the people?! Will he further becomes famous as he go the sole survivor title?!

Ian Batherson"Pilyong Amboy"

Ian is one of the Starstruck V finalist! Well being part of another artista search talent show, people really know Ian!

He is handsome, white, and has a charm! He is known to be a naughty guy! People already knew his characteristics being one of the Starstruck contestant!

Now that he once again enters another reality show but of a different genre, will he able to win this new game?!

And what more did we need to know about this young American man?! Let's all witness another path of Ian in this real-life reality show!

Jon Hall"Siga Ng Isla"

He is a hot, hunky, and yummy model! He is one of the known sexy star who previously did different sexy movies!

Being a sexy actor and a hot model, people really get attracted on him! He has a great build and an oh so yummy body like god!

He is also the former boyfriend of another sexy star Ms. Aubrey Miles. And now, he is the current boyfriend of Michelle Madrigal. Hmmm...I smell love triangle in this edition of "Survivor Philippines"! How will this affect Jon in his battle for this reality game! Will there be more love quarrels and jealousy to be witness in Primetime TV in a real-life setting?! Exciting!

Mico Aytona"Bibong Bunso"

As his title suggest, he is definitely the youngest castaway in this edition of reality show!

Charming, witty, and oh so friendly, Mico is the crush of many youngsters! He is one of the popular young star today!

Every Saturdays, he makes our midnights fun, wonderful, and full of life via "Master Showman's Walang Tulugan"! He is also part of the previous teen oriented show in GMA-7 called "Ka-Blog"!

He is really full of charm, talent, and skills! He can sing, act, and dance! Will his talent, skills, and charms enable him to get the title of being the new sole survivor?!

And of course, what other more things will we going to know about him?! We will see..!

Pretty Trisza"Cheerleader"

He is a favorite comedian of one of the famous comedy bar! He is funny and full of jokes to offer! He really makes our bored life funny! He is full of laughter to share!

Now that he became one of the castaways, can he still able to laugh?! Can he still shares happiness in his co-castaways amidst of trials and difficulties because of challenges?

Will this island full of hardships eventually becomes an island like a comedy bar because of him?

What other things did we need to know about him?! Will his characteristics enable him to get the attention and likes of his co-castaways?!

And what characteristics of him will lead him to be a grand winner? His traits being a strong man or his traits being a soft and gentle woman in the body of a man?!

This is another exciting TV show to watch every night! Our Primetime habits full of drama and fantasy courtesy of different hit TV series will eventually become a night full of real-life challenges!

Just like the first two seasons of this reality show, this celebrity show will be part of GMA-7's Telebabad lineup. It will replace the fantaserye "Pilyang Kerubin" which will end this Friday!

And I would also like to thank again for this gorgeous hot pictures of male castaways!

It's sexy ladies versus hot hunks in this "Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown"! So exciting to watch! Our TV screens will definitely showcase more hot and sexy bodies! it! See yah...!!! C",)

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