Maja Versus Maja in PHR Presents: 'Impostor'!

The grand face-off of the two Maja Salvador's characters in the hit comedy-drama romance TV series of Martha Cecilia's "Impostor"! Two Maja Salvador will be fighting one another for the one heart of their loving man, Anthony (Sam Milby)!

One face of Maja Salvador is playing the role of Mariz, the original wife of Anthony while her other face is assuming the role of Devin (original character of Melai Cantiveros).

After the tragic accident, all assumed that the original Mariz died. But the plastic surgeon elder sister (Precious Lara Quigaman) of Mariz replicated the face of Mariz in the persona of Devin.

Wearing the face of Mariz, Devin pretended to be the loving and caring wife of Anthony. Until the mystery behind the real personality of Devin was discovered!

But true love finally developed between Anthony and Devin. Anthony then accepts the true identity of Devin even though she's an impostor!

The love story of Anthony and Devin will now be put on great test as the real Mariz will come on the next episodes of this TV series! Finally the impostor Devin will meet the original Mariz! It's Maja Salvador versus Maja Salvador! An exciting face-off is yet to come!

According to Ms. Maja Salvador, she even attended an English class to perfectly demonstrate the character of Mariz who is a professional and really 'inglesera'! And of course, she will still be seen portraying the characteristic of a lower class Devin.

Playing two opposing role is really a big challenge for Maja! But she is excited to portray two different roles at the same time! And of course, we are also excited seeing these another surprising chapters in this hit afternoon romance series! But of course the main question goes, will Mariz be able to retrieve her husband from the impostor Devin?! And will Devin give Anthony back to his original partner?! We'll see...! Nice! C",)

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