From a Boy Next Door of 'Endless Love' To a Hot Stud in the 'East of Eden'!

A very great transformation...! From a simple 'boy-next door' type to a very hot sexy stud now! Oh...!

This is how the main character of "East of Eden" played by Song Seung Heon undergone! Yup, do you know that the wholesome guy who played the role of Johny before in the hit Koreanovela "Endless Love (Autumn of My Heart)" is now Dong-chul of "East of Eden"?!

Well, let us all see his beautiful great transformation below:

Johny of "Endless Love"

Dong-chul of "East of Eden"

Way back in 2003, we first saw this Korean actor Song Seung Heon playing the Mr. Nice Guy character of Johny in the first "Endless Love" series called "Autumn of My Heart". He is the leading man of Jenny in this said soap.

He looks clean, nice, and very corporate in this Korean drama. And being handsome and looking great, people easily got captivated with Johny! This is one of the reasons why this first Asianovela of GMA-7 on Primetime eventually became a huge hit! Viewers very much loved the characters of Jenny and Johny! Johny then became the crush of many! His other TV shows and movies were very much followed! His "Endless Love" look was also seen playing a cameo role in the movie "So Close"!

After 7 years, the former Johny is once again seen on Primetime TV series! But now, he has a totally different look!

A Wholesome Boy Next Door Johny

A Very Hot Stud Dong-chul

Johny is now Dong-Chul of the latest Telebabad offering called "East of Eden"! At first we didn't recognize that he is the former Johny who we all used to love! He now comes with a totally different appearance! He's so very hot and sexy! The former nice and neat guy is now a dirty hot stud!

Song Seung Heon is now the main character of "East of Eden"! If in "Endless Love" he played a boy next door type in a light-drama romance theme TV series, today is a hot sexy guy full of action as he plays the revengeful Dong-Chul in a heavy-drama filled with action Koreanovela!

And if in "Endless Love" wherein the story revolves around the romantic story of Jenny and Johny, here in the "East of Eden", less romance is seen as the story was focused on actions and revenge!

Well, how do you like the new look of Song Seung Heon now?! Which do you like better, the Seong Seung Heon playing Johny before or the new Seong Seung Heon playing now as Dong-Chul?! Did you appreciate his great transformation?! He's so very hot now! Great one Song Seung Heon! Uhh-lala! C",)

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