Young Love...Younger Faces in 'First Time'!

Have you been in love for the first time? What does it feels? Does it feels like you're having an insomnia...cannot sleep, cannot stop thinking?!

Well, this pre-Primetime romance in GMA Telebabad is somewhat a story intended for younger generations! We all know that teenagers were usually playing mazel toy but we didn't know, they were now having their own romance!

"First Time" is a story of puppy-love or if you want a kitten romance suited for teenagers. Younger ages really relate to its story! For them, its like the rock that rocks their hearts!

Since teenagers were patronizing this show, now I wonder why it has a 'say' in the TV rating contest! Yeah, their battle in the rating game with its counterpart "Tanging Yaman" in the Kapamilya network is truly neck to neck! In your eyes, in their eyes, this is also a light love-story targeting specially the newbies!

Beside offering a young love-story, this show also offers young faces! We were truly hooked onto it even tell your mother! Maybe she will call you, "sabina eh, nanonood ka na naman"! This usually heard in the houses where young children were watching a show like this instead of doing their homeworks!

It such another fresh new faces on TV with these love trio! But they still captivate the heart of their viewers! Nice one! c",)

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