Two New Loveteams to Sizzle in 'Isla'!

Last Sunday afternoon, we all witnessed the start of this extra hot afternoon mini-series in Your Song Presents "Isla"!

Yeah, it's truly hot! It spices our Sunday afternoon habit! Though I didn't watch any previous episodes of Your Song Presents, last Sunday, I really tuned in to our TV and watched the show!

Aside from a hot combination of ex-PBB Double-up housemates with Gerald Anderson playing the role of boatman named Daniel, this show served as the cradle of two new promising love teams to rise on TV!

The first one was the love team named as SamPaul (Sam Pinto and Paul Jake Castillo). The second one is the tandem called Jocath (Johan Santos and Cathy Remperas). These love teams started since their PBB days. They were ultimately hot!

Actually these love teams formed a love triangle. SamPaul is joined by Tom Rodriguez while Jocath is joined by Hermes Bautista! Oh, it's such an exciting love triangle huh!

They thought that Gerald Anderson will be paired with Sam Pinto in the series. But, Gerald here has no love team. His supposed to be fiance in the story was raped and killed! And this is the mystery he wants to solve. To find the murderer of his love!

Well, I will wait another more Sunday afternoon for this extremely hot series! Truly exciting, steamy hot, and mysterious! A must see show...!!! c",)

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