Trials and Challenges in the Life of 'Rubi' Intensifies!

Finally the mystery in the life of Rubi was discovered! A DNA test now proved that Rubi was the stolen child of Sylvanna and Arturo!

Maribel, the bestfriend of Rubi took the liberty to compare the hair sample of Theresa and Rubi. With Alejandro and Hector, they secretly asked for a DNA comparison of Theresa (the adapted stolen child of Sylvanna and Arturo) and Rubi. And just last night, the truth now prevailed!

Sylvanna now knew the truth after Maribel told her. She immediately went to the house of Rubi and her mother Rosanna. But Sylvanna brought policemen with her to capture Rosanna since she thought that this lady was the one who kidnapped their adapted daughter!

In the house of Rubi and Rosanna, the confrontation happened! Rosanna didn't want to give her daughter Rubi to Sylvanna! But then, Sylvanna commanded the policemen to get her and bring her to jail! Rosanna and Rubi refused! In the middle of this struggle, Rosanna's illness attacked her! Immediately she was brought to the hospital!

Oh, it such an exciting and breath-taking chapter this episode is?! What will happen next? How will Rubi accept the truth?! How did their life change now that the truth was prevailed?! Well, it's up to us to find out! This could be another intensified night in "Rubi" tonight only in ABS-CBN Primetime Bida! I'll gonna catch it! c",)

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