The Great Role Switch in 'Tanging Yaman'!

As the most awaited new Primetime Bida TV series "Tanging Yaman" starts tonight, a totally different characters will be seen! Yup, there is a great character switch that you will witness!

I'm talking about the new roles of the stars in the cast. Previously, you had seen them portraying a kind role, but now you will surprise to see them playing a kontrabida role and vice versa!

Seeing the different trailers and teasers, aside from a brand new storyline, the characters and the actors were exciting to watch!

We all know the remarkable image portrayed by the character of Ms. Agot Isidro in the hit teleserye "Tayong Dalawa". She was really an evil and cruel woman that would do everything to destroy all the people around her! But this time, you will surprise to see that her role here as Marcela is really kind and an ever loving wife and mother!

Ruel Santiago, Agot's husband here who plays as the president of the Philippines also portrays a different role. Knowing him playing different kind roles from his previous movies before, this time you will see him playing a kinda greedy and power dominating character!

Same with Melissa Ricks who previous played a kind bida role in "Kambal Sa Uma", in this new series, she will portrays an ambitious liberated and spoiled brat rich girl! She will put hardship on the life of Erich Gonzales' role here!

It is also a new role for the comedian Mr. Leo Martinez as he plays here as a dramatic actor far from his previous characters as a comedy icon!

For Mylene Dizon, I didn't exactly know if she will be a kontrabida or a bida here. Nothing new for her since she can both played as bida and kontrabida before in her previous soaps!

Jodi Sta. Maria still portrays a kind role here just like her portrayal in "Tayong Dalawa"! Though we already seen her playing as kontrabida in "Kampanerang Kuba" and "Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara", either bida or kontrabida suits for Jodi!

Nonie Buencamino again plays as a kind-hearted man here. Though he already played as a master kontrabida in "Ligaw na Bulaklak" before, portraying a kind image also suits for him!

For the three leading men of Erich and Melissa namely Ejay Falcon, Enchong Dee, and Matt Evans, same teenage roles were given to them!

And for the main star Erich Gonzales, this time her role here is not as sexy as what she had portrayed in "Katose"!

So, know them all tonight in Primetime Bida before TV Patrol World! c",)

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