Santino's Real Father Will Be Revealed in 'May Bukas Pa'!

The long wait is over! The mystery will now be told...!!! I know that everyone of us were really excited to reveal the true biological father of the miracle child Santino.

In this week's episode of the highest-rated and multi-awarded hit TV series "May Bukas Pa", Santino will finally know his real father! For the longest time he lived as an orphan in the church without any parents at all, Santino can now hug his real father! Santino's real father we're talking of is Mayor Enrique (Albert Martinez' character) or the this week's special guest star Mr. Jay Manalo?!

The sudden appearance of Jay Manalo's role in this top-rated series created a lot of confusions to everyone. He is claiming that Santino is his real son. According to him and to the people who know him, Jay Manalo was the former boyfriend of Theresa (Santino's real mother played by Chin-chin Gutierrez). He got Theressa pregnant leading to the birth of Santino!

But being avidly watching the soap, we all knew that Mayor Enrique is the real daddy of Santino. Theressa was also the former mistress of Mayor Enrique. Mayor got Theressa pregnant and when the baby Santino was born, she wanted him to give to Enrique to have a better life. But the relationship of Theressa and Enrique was then discovered by Malena who was the cause of her sudden death!

Now, lots of conflicts were created because of Jay Manalo's appearance. A DNA test was also taken between the two daddy to prove and to know who between them is saying the truth!

Well, it's gonna be a great battle for fatherhood between these two sexy hot daddies, Albert Martinez and Jay Manalo! Which of these two is your bet?! Who is saying the truth?! So, relax and sit back as this week an ultimate revelation will about to come! It's another exciting chapter in your favorite inspirational series, "May Bukas Pa"! Also, an unexpected event will about to happen! So stay tune! c",)

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