Erich Gonzales Versus Melissa Ricks in 'Tanging Yaman'!

It is Erich versus Melissa tonight in the new Primetime Bida TV series, "Tanging Yaman"!

Playing as Fina (Erich Gonzales) and Isabel (Melissa Ricks) who had a totally opposite characters and life status, conflicts and fights will emerge between these two!

Erich role in this new TV series is a kind poor girl. She is a hardworking girl who would do everything to support her poster family and achieve her dreams. But unknowing, there is a mystery in her real life! She is the real daughter of the president of the Philippines!

On the other hand, Melissa Ricks is a liberated spoiled brat rich girl! She is the known daughter of the president. Unlike Erich, her role here is not that kind! Yup, she will be portraying a 'maldita' role here! She loves party! She can easily get all the things she want at a glance!

But did they even know that their life will suddenly change?! There will be a great switch between these two!

In terms of love affairs, both of them have their own man! But later in the story, a love triangle will emerge!

Two different girl, two different life! Who's real...?! Who's the real needy! Well, we gonna catch it all tonight in their pilot episode in Pre-Primetime Bida!!! c",)

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