More Goods with 'Miss No Good'! really 'No Good'!?

Well today on ABS-CBN's Hapontastic, you will meet Ciara, the crazy cool lady with a curly hair termed as "Miss No Good"!

She is aiming to be beautiful. She is aiming to be transformed. But take note, she wanted to change all except for her curly hair! can this be?

With her goals, she will meet the fashion designer Alvin who will lead the way for her transformation. Alvin wanted to change or totally want for Ciara's whole make-over. But Ciara didn't want her hair to be straighten leading for their wacky, cool, and funny fights! But will them fall in love with each other on the end?

How about the good-looking Timmy, Ciara's man of her dreams? If you were to ask, Ciara dreams for her make-over just to catch the attention of her love interest Timmy! Hmmm...a love-triangle smells out all over the air huh!

Meanwhile, Ciara was dubbed by the voice of Ms. Meryll Soriano.

So, don't be left behind. Catch them later on ABS-CBN 2 before "Boys Over Flowers" replacing "Love or Bread"! c",)

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