Two 'Darna'...Who will you Love: Angel or Marian?

Angel vs. Marian as 'Darna'

Now that we have two 'Darna' in our present generation: one last 2005 with Angel Locsin, and now (2009) with Marian Rivera, which of the two really suits and fits the role?

Well, I have compiled a comparative pictures of the two. Now, compare and contrast the two 'Darna'!

In Terms of Fight Scenes

Darna Pose, Body and Projection

In The Harness Training

Now who is your bet? Well, if you want an immediate answer, try to view the results of my poll survey! c",)

It is up to the viewers and critics! c",)

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  1. galing mo Angel. Congratssssssssss

  2. angel... ur the best!!!u r a perfect woman artist that i'z ur my no.1 idol...

  3. we love you angel soooo much for being beautiful inside and out...

  4. No doubt na its really ANGEL LOCSIN whose the BEST DARNA on television!! Hindi bagay kay Marian ang fight scenes halatang Angel kick ass super astig talaga! Sexy pero astig!