New 'Darna' Will Fly Tonight...Would It Be Better or Worse!?

The Previous "Darna" in 2005

Marian Rivera as the new "Darna" will soar tonight in GMA 7's Telebabad! Hmmm...the question goes, will she can surpass the former Darna hit made by Ms. Angel Locsin? And can she eventually save the declining TV ratings of Telebabad? Or will she then became one of those?

Before the airing of this new "Darna", simultaneous controversies were faced by Marian as well as her network. Many says, GMA just recently made the remake of "Darna" in 2005 up to early 2006, then they do again another remake? Hmmm..."baka maumay or magsawa lang ang tao"! Fantaserye remake another again!!?

Other commented, is this a copycat of the former hit by Ms. Angel Locsin!? Even viewers asked, why Marian? Why not another stars of GMA? The rival and comparison then between Angel and Marian heats up more deeper!

Another comment on this new Fantasy TV series is that on its themesong. Why did they didn't make a new themesong for this TV series? Rather, they only use the hit made by Kamikaze, "Narda"! We may recall that this song by Kamikaze hit the airwaves in 2006 and they made it for Angel Locsin as "Darna"! If you noticed, almost all the hits made by Kamikaze is intended for Angel Locsin like the "Ambisyoso" wherein there is a part there mentioned that they want to have a kissing scene with Angel Locsin as their leading lady.

Well, we will see tonight how this new Darna perform in TV ratings as well as her attactions to TV viewers. Will she can soar even higher than with the previous Darna? Or will it just only the name or title tag "Darna" will pull them? Let's see! c",)

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