Complete 'Ingredients' in "Only You"

The story gets more exciting...! Sour, sweet, bitter...well all your needed ingredients are there.

The primetime bida dubbed as "Ang pinakamasarap na teleserye sa Primetime" even more gets tastier. The twist of the story become more intense. More characters now came out. More secrets are yet to reveal!

What will be the role of Erika, the mother of TJ in the life of Jilian and to the rest of the characters? What is the real secret of TJ's father? Will the Flavor restaurant emerge again? Well, these were only some of the things avid viewers want to know.

But then of course, the romantic story of the three main cast were very much awaited. This could be the main ingredients of the show. Will it be love for TJ and Jilian again? But how about Jonathan? And even TJ's girlfriend? Hmmm...sound or rather taste sweet, sour, salty, and bitter huh!

These were only a brief glimpse of this week's chapter of the hit Philippine version, "Only You"! So stay tune to your favorite 'putahe' every night on the undisputed PrimetimeBida! c",)

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