Bringing Back the Crazy in 'Hana Kimi'

Get 'Crazy in Love' again! Yeah as they will coming back again every Sunday Morning!

The 2008 Asinovela or rather say, "kwelanovela", Hana Kimi, Taiwan (original) version will be aired again this coming Sunday. This time, their will dominate your TV screen every Sunday morning.

Personally speaking, I wasn't able to watch the said Asianovela series last year because I am busy working. Their timeslot previously was in early evening before the Primetime Bida slot. Their timeslot is a 'rush hour' period for the working professionals like us! But as I always see the trailer, their commercial in ABS-CBN, the series and the story looks more exciting and fun! Added to these are my officemates that keep on talking about this comedy TV series!

Well now for those who missed the funny episodes, here is now your second chance to watch it.

Giving you a bit trivia of this series, I think the original story of this originally came from the Japanese cartoon. It was Taiwan then who made the first original version of it as a TV series. But iof course, Japan then made their own version of it as a Manga serye! If you could still remember last year, it was Hana Kimi versus Hana Kimi on TV! Yeah, ABS-CBN aired the Taiwan version of it while GMA also aired the Japanese version of it on the same timeslot. The two networks have the same Hana Kimi but with the different version. But giving the judgement of viewers, this Hana Kimi Taiwan (original version) won the rating game over its counterpart Japanese version!!

So now being the hit comedy Asinovela, ABS-CBN will replay this TV series every Sunday for the benefits of its avid viewers. Wu Chun who is also the main star of 'Hotshot' is the lead star of this series. This series put Wu Chun to his stardom in the Philippine TV! c",)

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