Battle of the Siblings in 'Tayong Dalawa'

The battle of Dave, JR, and even of Ramon now becomes hotter and hotter. Dave vs. JR vs. Ramon!

After the kidney transplant of JR donated by his twin Dave because of one girl Audrey, the battle between the two heats up even more scorching. All of them is very willing to give all they have in the name of love.

Talking of more fights and battle, the latest chapters of this hit TV Series not only focus on the fight for love between the two twins. The battle with their other step-brother Ramon heats up as Ramon's secret syndicate involving the illegal possesion and selling of guns is about to discover!

More exciting secrets to reveal. More fights to witness. Who would you bet? Who will win the fight? Who will then lose the battle? Who win, who lose...some of the intriguing scenes to witness. So, no more words saying watch this teleserye, the whole nation even Filipinos abroad is consistently and avidly watching this program! Well, no doubt that this ABS-CBN primetime TV series is a Nationwide No. 1 TV program in the Nationwide Rating. They alternately change place with "May Bukas Pa" on the No. 1 spot! c",)

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