Double the Fun, Double the Tragedy in the Vivamax Sexy-Thriller Film "Kara Krus" Starring Denise Esteban, Ali Asistio, and Adrian Alandy!

Vivamax takes us once more into another world of sex and violence. This time via their newest movie "Kara Krus" dealing with the story of a woman having a dual or split personality!

After the success of her Vivamax series and movie namely "High On Sex" and "Doblado" and of her Viva Film's movie "Expensive Candy" playing Julia Barretto's friend and co-worker, Denise Esteban returns in another powerful lead character in "Kara Krus." In this movie, Denise plays the dual character of Adela and Lena.   

Adela is a loving wife of Atty. Marvin Alejandro played by Adrian Alandy. She is suffering from post-partum depression and was under medication. However at night, she secretly escapes from their house to go party. But this time, she is under the persona of Lena, a party goer. She had an affair with Ramil (Ali Asistio) and with Jacob (Felix Rocco). 

During childhood, Adela lived with his abusive father that's why a new character named Lena came out. According to her, Lena is her twin sister who is always there to save her. A bloody end to Adela / Lena's father took place.

In the movie, Denise showcases her acting ability. Her acting skill is continuously improving since the first time I've watched her in her first Vivamax project. She nailed her characters as Adela and Lena with flying colors! Yes, we can easily distinguish her effective portrayal of Adela and Lena in the movie.

Of course in terms of acting, the leading man Adrian Alandy is superb! And yeah, he is too sexy in this movie specially his sex scenes with Denise! Although he is already on his 40's, Adrian is still as fresh as a young stud! In my exclusive interview with Adrian, he revealed how he manage to keep fit and sexy over the years!

Introducing in the movie is the newest Vivamax actor Ali Asistio! "Kara Krus" is actually his first movie appearance as a Viva Artist. His launching movie is "Alapaap" which will be shown this month of November! And though he is introducing in the movie, he didn't left behind in terms of heavy acting and daring sex scenes! He is truly one of the most promising Vivamax hunk actors! Even his outfit during our private screening and mediacon wearing a see-through top shirt was so appealing and captivating! 

Talking about the things that we had discussed during our mediacon, the multi-genre director GB San Pedro revealed how the actors got their respective roles in the movie. He also rated their performance in terms of acting in the movie. He even revealed why he chose a house with many mirrors as one of the settings in the movie so that Denise as Adela and Lena can talk to herself!   

Well to let you know about the full details we had discussed during the mediacon right after watching the movie's private screening, here are our full live coverage videos and exclusive interviews with the lead cast members. Let's all watch these:

Furthermore during our interview, Denise revealed why she accepted the role of Adela/Lena in the movie. She also discussed why she shifts from a Ppop girl group to a sexy actress in Vivamax.

On the other hand, Adrian shared his upcoming projects right after "Kara Krus."  He is set to return doing TV series pairing him to Harlene "Hipon Girl" Budol. And if prosper, he is still looking forward to do his postponed reunion project with the Optimum Star Claudine Barretto.

And also during our one-on-one interview, Ali Asistio shared his humble beginning in the showbiz world. He is actually an alumnus of German Moreno's "Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman." Afterwards, he enters the world of BL in 2020 via the digital series "Win Jaime's Heart." 

These were just some of the exciting and interesting facts about the movie's lead characters. You will appreciate them more after watching "Kara Krus!" 

"Kara Krus" which just premiered worldwide last November 4, 2022 in the Vivamax App is now streaming taking the No. 1 spot as the week's most watched movies in the app! Congratulations guys! 11/06/2022 (TV Series Craze)  


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