Vivamax's "SELINA'S GOLD" Starring Angeli Khang and Jay Manalo Narrates a Story of Revenge and Sexual Abuse Set in the Japanese Era

For the third time around, Jay Manalo and Angeli Khang work together in another Vivamax original sexy movie, "Selina's Gold."  Their two previous movies are "Mahjong Nights" and "Girls Friday."  But unlike their previous movies, "Selina's Gold" is more intense with a breathtaking twist in the finale of the movie!

The movie is set in 1942 during the World War II or the Japanese invasion in the country. Though set in this dark period of Philippine history, the movie still able to give us a good cinematography and a perfect detail of the things from the past.

The movie is more intense and more sizzling than the two previous movies of Jay and Angeli because in this film, the director opens our wild imagination! The words uttered by the main cast during their sexual conversations truly tickle our senses! And that's how its movie director Mac Alejandre intended making his new film as hot as the wild fire!     

In the movie, Angeli plays the character of a 17-year old girl named Selina. She was forcibly brought by her father Berong (Soliman Cruz) to sell her to their village's richest man Tiago (Jay Manalo).  Sexual tensions and intimate scenes followed when Selina live together with Tiago. 

Tiago has a blind adopted son Domeng played by Gold Aceron. During Tiago and Selina's intimate moments, Domeng also aroused. Until he developed a secret feeling for Selina. 

As the story progresses, more secrets were unveiled in the movie. The climax went to its peak on the ending of the movie when the untold secret of Berong and Tiago was revealed making the viewers almost crazy with it!

Well, here are some of the glimpse of our movie reviews after watching the film:

Meanwhile during our media conference right after watching the movie's private screening, the lead cast members Gold Aceron, Azi Acosta, and Angeli Khang together with their movie director Mac Alejandre shared exciting behind-the-scene stories about the making of their movie.

Direk Mac confirmed why he chose to set the movie during the Japanese era. He also explained why he picked Angeli, Gold, and Jay to be his lead cast members. And did you know that this movie "Selina's Gold" was already on the works during the 90's and it came first before Katya Santos and Raymond Bagatsing's "Sukdulan? According to Direk Mac, during that time, the character of Gold Aceron is supposed to be given to Gardo Versoza.

Angeli on the other hand shared her learning experience working together again for the third time around with Jay Manalo! How does it feels before and after working again with the iconic "Totoy Mola" of the Philippine cinema?!

Well, hold on to your seats and watch our full live video coverage and exclusive interviews with the cast members of "Selina's Gold." Here they go:


"Selina's Gold," another Vivamax original sexy-thriller-heavy drama movie is now streaming worldwide in the Vivamax App. And yes as of this writing, the movie is currently the No. 1 most watched movie in the said app.

Once more congratulations to the cast, staff, production team, and all the people behind this movie! It's another successful must-watch movie only from Vivamax! Special mention to its three lead cast Angeli Khang, Jay Manalo, and Gold Aceron for showcasing us their great performance as actors! They all nailed their respective roles! Awesome! 11/06/2022 (TV Series Craze) 


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