DARNA's Official Poster and Costume Unveil! Jane De Leon Finally Transforms Into a Superhero!

The long wait is over! Finally, the much anticipated costume reveal of Jane De Leon as the superhero as Darna took place on the Friday, August 19, 2022 Episode 5 of the series. The said episode also paved way to the revelation of the TV series' official poster.

Jane's Darna costume surpassed the expectation of many! Wearing her red-gold armored two-piece with a powerful headdress, Jane is so sexy, fit, and strong as the superhero making her unveil episode and transformation a top-trending topic on the world-wide web!

Well without further ado, here is Jane De Leon wearing the Darna costume which is also the TV series' official poster:

Meanwhile, here is the video clip of Jane De Leon's first transformation as Darna which is also part of the Episode 5 of the series. Let's watch this:


Netizens and viewers are still talking about this Jane's first transformation as well as her costume. They are all discussing about that said episode and really got amazed with the special effects and CGI. They even compare Jane to the other actresses who already portrayed Darna in the previous television series.

Now its your turn! After seeing Jane's costume as Darna together with the release of its official TV series poster, what's your thoughts and reactions about these? How about her first transformation as a superhero after watching the video?! Well, feel free to share your reviews and reactions on our comment section below!

Once more, good job Jane De Leon! You truly deserve as the Darna of this generation! Looking forward for your exciting fight scenes on the coming days! 08/21/2022 (TV Series Craze)                    


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