Netizens React to Iza Calzado's Appearance as the First DARNA in the Series!

The much anticipated action-fantasy series of the Kapamilya network, the 'Darna'  TV series finally premiered, Monday night of August 15, 2022 replacing the timeslot of the recently concluded "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano!"

Netizens, viewers, and supporters of the superhero got amazed watching the pilot episode of the series. And one of the things they love most about the premiere episode is the Iza Calzado's portrayal as the First Darna!


Well, let's check out below some of the netizens' reactions praising the character of Iza on the said series. Here they go:


"Iza Calzado as Leonor and the first #Darna just oh my god. Super bagay sya sa to be the Darna! 😍"   - @claireyu 

"Best part of Darna The TV Series! Iza Calzado as first Darna! Gal Gadot Who? #Darna"
- @Haynakojeck   

"Exactly how a real superhero should make her attack stance. Grabe ka, Miss Iza Calzado. Nag-iisa talaga. #Darna"
- @OfficialKpex 

"ISA PA ITONG FIGHT SCENE TALAGA NI IZA CALZADO SA #Darna 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️ Although the CGI is not perfect, we can see the improvement pero the stunt scenes... LAVETT!"
- @AltStarMagic  

"Iza Calzado literally said "I'm gonna play an iconic heroine whatever channel I'm in!' #DARNA"
- @nikowl

"Ang lupet ni Iza Calzado. Bagay na bagay maging darna."
- @KevinCharlesEG1 

"I think @MissIzaCalzado now deserves a frame in the abscbn Isle……. @ABSCBN"
- @iamjuanthegreat

"our Reyna amihan💙 tga pangalaga ng brilyante ng tubig. the best ever!"
- @Kierahrii

"bagay na bagay nya ang Darna role😍"
- @ejncalad

"From "kamukha niya si Mama Mary" to an enduring heroine. The stance, the nuances, the facial expressions, the fucking gorgeous face. Just wow, Iza Calzado. 🤍 #Darna"
- @HolaShooga

- @mikkingIy

"Wonderwoman vs. Thanos grabe the multiverse is real talaga emz #Darna"
- @bondelleluxe


We may recall that in 2005, Iza auditioned for the role of Darna in the first TV series adaptation of the superhero in the Kapuso network. But GMA gave the role to Ms. Angel Locsin and Iza landed an iconic role of Amihan  in the original version of "Encantadia."  

Now after 17 years, Darna once again knocks to Iza's door. And this time, she is destined to portray the role!

In this 2022 Kapamilya version of the Darna TV series, Iza is playing the character of Leonor, the mother of Narda/Darna (Jane De Leon) and the 'first Darna' from the planet of Marte!

After watching the pilot episode of "Darna" The TV Series, what can you say about Iza's portrayal of Darna? How about the other lead characters like Jane De Leon, Zaijan Jaranilla, Joshua Garcia, Paolo Gumabao, and Janella Salvador?! It's now your turn to share you thoughts, comments, and reviews about this newest TV series! 08/16/2022 (TV Series Craze)    


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