Mcoy Fundales: From 'Orange and Lemons' to 'Pepito Manoloto' to 'Bakit Kita Hahabulin?'

Former Orange and Lemons lead vocalist Mcoy Fundales returns with a new single! Yes, this talented singer-writer returns to the music scene with his new song "Bakit Kita Hahabulin?."

Friday afternoon, June 21, 2019, the said new single's music video was officially released in different platforms such as in YouTube. And on the same day, Mcoy had an exclusive blogcon for his new song as well as to answer details about his career path, future projects, and whereabouts.

To give you a quick background about Mcoy, yeah he is the former lead vocalist of Orange and Lemon, the band who popularized the Pinoy Big Brother's theme song "Pinoy Ako." After his band was disband, he created his new group called Kenyo, a short for 'Bulakenyo' since the members were all from Bulacan. Then after five years, the said band was also disband therefore he went solo performing his own music. When Michael V. called for new creative writers for his comedy show "Pepito Manoloto," he tried his luck applying his talent in script writing. Until he became the show's head writer!

Now, Mcoy is coming back to his other love, music and singing via his new single "Bakit Kita Hahabulin?" under AltG Records.

Well without further talks, let's hear Mcoy singing this song live during our blogcon. Here is our live video coverage with a little bit of Q&A after the song:

Our question and answer portion was cut when the official music video of his new single was aired. Afterwards, we returned for another exciting set of Q&A. And here we go:

But wait,  if you're curious about the said music video, well, let's watch it again here!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is Mcoy Fundales starring in "Bakit Kita Hahabulin?" music video with an exciting twist at the end credit:

If you want more, I have more cool video interviews with Mcoy which include our Fast Talk  session. The said two more exclusive videos were already up in my official YouTube channel via: Runner Rocky. Will be having a separate blog post with them soon on my personal blog! So watch it out!

"Bakit Kita Hahabulin?" is now available for downloading and streaming on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and other digital stores nationwide.

Congrats Mcoy!  You're such a very cool and talented man! Keep it up! Great meeting you as well! 06/22/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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