Dive Into the Fresh New Season of 'Siren' on Blue Ant Entertainment

Here’s what you need to know before you dive right back into Siren Season 2!

After a brief mid-season break, Siren is back to enthral viewers with its dark retelling of everything that can possibly occur when the world of humans and mermaids get entwined. If the details are a blur, here are a few refreshers to get you up to speed now that it’s back with fresh episodes airing every Sunday, 7:55pm only on Blue Ant Entertainment.

**Note: SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched Siren yet!**

1.    Bristol Cove founder, Charles H Pownall, fell in love with a mermaid, with disastrous results.

Legends has it that the mermaid Charles Pownall fell in love with returned to the sea and left him heartbroken. However, the real story reveals that they had a child whom he tried to kill and subsequently hunted down and killed all the mermaids he could find, driving survivors deep into the sea, never to return.

2.    In Season 1, newcomer Ryn is revealed to be a mermaid, seeking her captured sister Donna.

Stumbling around town, Ryn befriends marine biologist Ben who is a descendent of Pownall. Together with his girlfriend Maddie, they try to keep Ryn’s true nature a secret.

3.    Meanwhile, Donna is experimented on, leaving her bitter and vengeful against humans.

Ensnared by the fishing nets of the North Star, Donna is taken by the military who has been secretly tracking the mermaids.

4.    Ryn is forced to take a stand against her own kin, but Donna wants to fight humans and bring Ryn home.

Ryn believes her people need the humans to survive, while Donna brands her a traitor for siding with the humans. This is a common theme throughout the series, with Ryn forming a bridge between her world and the humans. The repercussions are manifold – unknown to Donna, her people view Ryn’s friendship with humans as a danger to their kind and don’t want to bring her home at all. This leads to a huge confrontation, with Ryn commanding her kin to return to the sea without harming any more humans.  In the conflict, Xander, whose father was killed by a merman, accidentally shoots Donna in grief.

5.    The town’s dark history is revealed by local historian Helen, along with the secret of her lineage.

Apparently, Pownall’s human-mermaid hybrid child survived and her descendants have lived in Bristol Cove ever since; Unbeknownst to many, Helen could be the last surviving descendant.

6.    Siren Season 2 brings a new mystery which drove mermaids and mermen out of the water.

Season 1 ends with Ryn returning to the sea, wearing a tracker so Ben and Maddie will be able to find her. When the tracker signal is found on land and several merfolk show up unexpectedly, Ben, Maddie and Helen are forced to protect the identity of not one, but a whole pack of merfolk from the townspeople. The longer these creatures stay out of the sea, the more they weaken.

7.    Alliances are formed but where will the lines be drawn?

Ben’s friend Xander, whose father was killed by one of the mermaids, discovers that the one responsible for the death of his father is hiding with Ryn and the others. Another mermaid-in-hiding, Katrina, resents and challenges Ryn’s leadership in a furious underwater battle, mermaid-to-mermaid.

8.    New and old threats surface

It’s revealed that an oil company, Klesco Oil, is using a sonic cannon, which is what’s preventing the merfolk from returning to the sea. In addition, their construction of a new oil drill threatens the merfolk further so a daring plan is hatched to destroy their oil drill and drive them away. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and the North Star ended up in flames, leading to an investigation that dredges up things best left buried.

Wondering what happens next? Where will Ryn and the rest of the pack end up? What happens after the accident involving the North Star? Tune in to the return of Siren season 2 and find out! Block your Sunday nights for the concluding episodes of Siren S2, airing express from the US, every Sunday at 7:55pm only on Blue Ant Entertainment available on SKYcable channel 53 (SD) and 196 (HD), SKYdirect channel 35, CableLink channel 37, and Cignal channel 120. 06/22/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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