Thai’s Highest-Grossing Film “Brother Of The Year” to Hit the Philippine Cinema this September!

Ranked as #1 in Thai box offices and across Asia, romcom movie “Brother of the Year” hits Philippine cinemas on September 5, 2018. The movie is directed by Vithaya Thongyuyong   (My Girl, The Little Comedian) and stars Thai heartthrob Sunny Suwanmethanont, Nichkhun Horvejkul of Korean boy band 2PM and TV actress Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund.

“Brother of the Year” is a unique romcom turn family drama that reveals how a straight-A younger sister Jane (Yaya Sperbund) lives with her brother Chut (Sunny Suwanmethanont). While enjoying his wild bachelor life, Chut will need to learn to take care of himself when Jane is about to get married to her half-Japanese boyfriend, Moji (Nichkhun Horvejkul). Siblings have an unbreakable bond and that love for family can only resolve all indifferences. “Brother of the Year” takes on a realistic portrayal of the meddling problem of an older brother who acts as a nemesis to his sisters that a lot of people will be able to relate to some if not all aspects of the story and learn something from this heartwarming film.

In Thailand, “Brother of the Year” garners in about 250 Million Baht (approximately 7.8 million USD) and touted as the highest-grossing Thai movie that has been released across Asia. The movie has also been no.1 in every country where it was released for the opening week including the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. After producing the mega hit “Bad Genius” last year, Thai production studio GDH hopes to follow the international success of high school heist thriller, which became a historic hit in China, earning $41 million. “Brother of the Year” is set to premiere in China soon.

In the Philippines, the media and fans graciously welcomed the cast, including Sunny, Manasaporn Chanchalerm and director Vithaya Thongyuyong during a Press Con and advance screening on August 16, 2018. From the film’s laugh-out-loud moments to drama about communication breakdown, comedy-drama "Brother of The Year" promises to take sibling rivalry to a whole new level. 

Find out what's going to happen to the savage brother who constantly meddles in his young sister's perfect love life! "Brother of The Year" opens in cinemas nationwide on September 5, 2018 supported by Tourism Authority of Thailand.  Special thanks to Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas, Regenestem, SM Megamall and SM Cinemas; and to our media partners Magic 89.9, 99.5 PlayFM and CinemaBravo. 

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Movie Synopsis

Ever since he was a kid, Chut (Sunny Suwanmethanont) always thought that the baby in his mum’s belly was going to be a brother. Yet, the day she gave birth, he got a sister instead.  Chut felt like he had been short-changed. His dreams of playing with robots and playing football with his brother were shattered. Every time he plays with darn Jane (Urassaya Sperbund) she turns into a crybaby. Ever since they were kids until now, Chut and Jane have fought over everything. It’s all because Jane acts more like his mother than his sister and Chut likes to make himself a burden instead of being an older brother. Whether it be in studies, sports, looks or personality; Jane is always more perfect. Jane wonders if there are other big brothers out there that are worse to their younger sister just like Chut. 
The only time Chut acts like an older brother is when someone shows interest in Jane. Chut will bully her admirers into leaving her alone and considers this as payback.  
This is the reason why Jane has to keep her relationship with Moji (Nichkhun Horvejkul), her perfect half-Japanese boyfriend, a secret from Chut. Jane doesn’t want her relationship to be destroyed at the hands of Chut, like every other one before. However, love isn’t something to be kept a secret, and in the end, Chut finds out about Jane and Moji’s secret relationship. It is unlikely that Chut will let this pass. 

A great brother like Chut will do everything in his power to put a stop to anything that makes his little sister happy!

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