Meet the Stars of "Brother of the Year"

Before we witness the grand opening of Thailand's top grossing film "Brother of the Year" this coming September 5, 2018, let's get to know first the stars who lead the movie as well as its movie director. 

The three visited the Philippines on August 16 for the grand presscon in Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas and for the movie's premiere night after in SM Megamall. Photos were taken during the premiere night and presscon courtesy of Allan Sancon.   

The Director:

Bon - Vithaya Thongyuyong

‘Vithaya’, one of the directors of My Girl, gathered ideas about sibling relationships and turned them into a romantic comedy ‘Brother of the Year’, the latest film from GDH.

“When the producers, Mr. Jira and Ms. Vanridee, invited me to make a film about brother and sister, I was hooked on the idea right away because I also have two younger siblings. I found that each sibling relationship is very engaging and unique.

When I made ‘Brother of the Year’, it felt like when I made My Girl, where I casted my mind back to my first love and childhood friends. This film made me reminisce about my family, especially, when I interfered in my younger ones’ love life. I believe that many other siblings experience something like this too.

I did my best and put my all into this film. And I’m so glad that I was able to cast Sunny, Nichkhun, and Yaya in this film. Not only that they had such a great chemistry together, but also they could portray their characters and convey the story beyond what I wrote in the script. They made me truly believe that Sunny was Chut, the lame brother; Yaya was Jane, his perfect sister; and Nichkhun was Moji, Jane’s boyfriend. I enjoyed watching them playing their roles through the monitor every time.

Another story that impressed me most was from Yaya. She told me that this film made her love her sister even more. One day when her sister came back from abroad, Yaya gave her sister a big hug and said “I love you so much” to her. This was so heartwarming. Mr. Jira told me once that there are three types of effects that a film can give to its audience: 1. They watch it and they acknowledge what it is about. 2. They watch it and they enjoy it. 3. They watch it and they learn something from it. I hope that ‘Brother of the Year’ will provide all three effects to the audience.”

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The Heartthrob:

Sunny Suwanmethanont

‘Sunny’ plays the role of Chut, Jane’s brother.

“I only have older siblings. After I played the older brother role in this film, it made me want to have a younger sister like Yaya. She is such a nice, lovely, sincere, well-disciplined and caring person. 

When we were in the scenes together, I always felt like she was really my sister.

The first day Bon, the director, told me that he wanted me to play a role in his film about sibling relationships, I already found it very interesting. And after I got to read the screenplay, I knew that I could not pass up this opportunity. Stories about siblings are easily relatable to many others and me. I believe that most of us would hardly express our love to our siblings. Imagine, it’s quite embarrassing to walk to your siblings and say “I love you, brother!” “I love you, sister!” Even though we do not express it out loud, deep down inside, we know that we love one another. 

Yaya, Nichkhun, and I attended acting workshops together. There was a session where we took turns telling stories about our own siblings. Yaya was so touched and cried really hard. All of us, including the director, got teary-eyed too. We started to open up to one another and it helped develop good chemistry among us

The Sweetheart:
Chanchalerm Manasaporn

Also known as Proy/Proymon, she plays “Dear”, an intern at Chut’s company.

Chanchalerm Manasaporn was born on March 6, 1995 in Bangkok, Thailand. She graduated Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design at the Faculty of Decorative Arts of Silpakorn University.    

Film Performances: Brother of the Year (2018)
Television Performances: The Seven Year Itch (2017); Love Song Love Series to be Continue – segment ‘Phuean Sanit’ (2017); Love Song Love Series – segment ‘Phuean Sanit’ (2016); War of High School the Series (2016); Make it Right the Series (2016)

In terms of music videos, she can be seen in the following: I Can’t – The Skipper (2016); Death– Tony Phee (2015); and Something Special – Two Popetorn (2014).

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