Get to Know the Characters of "The Rich Man's Daughter"

 "The Rich Man's Daugher" is the newest GMA-7's provocative Primetime TV series which deals with a same sex relationship following the footstep of the 2013 hit "My Husband's Lover". But this time, it involves a woman to woman romance. 

The teleserye is lead by Rhian Ramos playing the character of Jade, a lesbian daughter of a rich man. Her love interest is Glaiza De Castro playing the character of a sexy, classy, and yet a proud lesbian.

Well, aside from Jade and Athena, let's also get to know the other characters in the series that will make the story exciting and colorful.

Al Tantay is the rich man father of Jade. He is  Oscar Tanchingco, a Chinese man who is forced to offer P5million to a man who will marry her daughter after finding that Jade is a lesbian. But this move will also hurl whole family into a series of discoveries.  

Luis Alandy is David Limjoco, Jade’s long-time boyfriend. He is educated, proud of his humble beginnings, and is very responsible. He longed to marry Jade one day and is challenged when Jade falls for someone else.

Katrina Halili is Wila Mateo, another lesbian. She is Althea’s ex-girlfriend who vows to hate the person her ex falls for. 

Mike Tan is Paul Tanchingco, Jade’s older brother. He is a quiet and private person. He is also protective of Jade. Paul has his own dark secrets. 

Chynna Ortaleza is Batchi Luna, is what in the lesbian culture calls a butch. She acts and dresses up like a man.

Sheena Halili is Sally Lim-Apolinario, Jade’s kikay and dependable best friend.

Gloria Romero plays Ama/Cecilia Tanchingco, the heart of the family. She spoils all her grand children, especially Jade. She doesn’t really meddle when it comes to their businesses.  After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, her life and her family’s lives become more intertwined.

Making the story more interesting is Pauleen Luna (Pearl Sy-Tanchingco), Jade’s sister-in-law, married to Jade’s brother Gabriel. She is secretly jealous of her in-laws’ attention for Jade.

Paolo Contis is Anton Maceda, a guy who comes from an old rich family. He will become Jade’s fake suitor/boyfriend since he is just after the riches of the Tanchingcos. TJ Trinidad is Gabriel Tanchingco, eldest son of Oscar and Amanda, brother of Paul and Jade. He is being groomed and trained to lead their businesses. Gabriel will do anything for the family.

Charee Pineda is Angeline San Jose, Gabriel’s real love. Gabriel left her for Pearl but she remains in love with him. Stephanie Sol is Abby Luna, Batchi’s live-in partner.

Glydel Mercado is Amanda Tanchingco, wife of Oscar who initially wasn’t accepted by Oscar’s family but eventually welcomed when she gave birth to a girl they named Jade. She will do anything to keep things the way when she was finally embraced into her husband’s clan.

Tony Mabesa is Angkong/John Tanchingco, the patriarch of the family. His favorite grand child is Jade and he will do everything for her.

What can you say about the characters and the plot of the story?! Is it more exciting than "My Husband's Lover?" 

Airing weeknights after "Let the Love Begin" in GMA Telebabad, "The Rich Man's Daughter" will surely create another buzz among viewers!  (

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