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Friday, October 12, 2018

Popular dark fantasy series Supernatural makes an explosive return to AXN with the premiere of Season 14 on October 17.

With Dean possessed by the archangel Michael in the finale episode of Supernatural Season 13, this new instalment begins with Sam enlisting everyone’s help to track down Dean, who can literally be anywhere. Meanwhile, Castiel may be in over his head after meeting up with an unreliable source. After being drained of his grace, Jack is adjusting to life as a human, learning new skills and figuring out how he fits in to this world of hunters.  

“It’s challenging to write episodes without Dean Winchester in them because he’s such a fundamental part of the show,” said showrunner Andrew Dabb. “But it’s also exciting for Jensen and us to have the opportunity to play around with this new character. It gives some other characters a bit of breathing room in terms of Castiel and Jack, and Mary and Bobby.”

After the epic crossover in “Scoobynatural”, fans of Supernatural can look forward to other surprises this season, including an homage to their favourite slasher films and an appearance by the Wayward Sisters.

Supernatural Season 14 returns October 17, Wednesday at 10.35pm on AXN.

To find out the latest news on Supernatural and other exciting shows on AXN, visit @AXNAsia on Facebook.

AXN is available on Cablelink Channel 38, Cignal Channel 121, G Sat Channel 51, and SKYCable Channel 49. AXN HD is available on SKYCable Channel 247. 10/12/2018 (TV Series Craze)

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Aside from its local premiere episode in ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold this Monday, October 15 right after "Kadenang Ginto," the newest PHR offering "Los Bastardos" will be also stream live via The Filipino Channel (TFC) online. So people abroad will also have the chance to catch the pilot episode of this another exciting series! 

Are you ready to meet the Cardinal brothers?!

A man fathers five men who lived different lives, and whose paths will cross as they search for the truth in the newest ABS-CBN series “Los Bastardos”, with its pilot episode streaming via TFC Online ( on October 15, 2018.

Jake Cuenca, Diego Loyzaga, Marco Gumabao, Albie Casiño, and Joshua Colet play brothers who are pitted against each other by destiny for power and family in “Los Bastardos”, the latest book in the Precious Hearts Romances Presents series which will be seen outside the Philippines via The Filipino Channel (TFC), with its pilot episode streaming in most countries worldwide via TFC Online ( on October 15.

“Los Bastardos”, which is based on the Cardinal Bastards series of Precious Hearts Romances, tells the story of five brothers who must fight against each other for the right to the power and money of the Cardinal family, led by its patriarch, Don Roman Cardinal, played by veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez.

Don Roman will lead a happy life with his small family until tragedy strikes, which will lead him to look for true love from four other women. He will sire five sons from five different women. There is Isagani (Cuenca), Don Roman’s long-lost son with his first love; Joaquin (Loyzaga), the only son who’ll grow up under his care; Matteo (Gumabao), who will grow up with the rival family of the Cardinals; Connor (Colet), who will become a conman bent on destroying the Cardinal’s wealth; and Lucas (Casiño), who will grow up not knowing the man he serves is his own father.

Although they come from different worlds, they are bound together by the same blood.

Here are the Cardinal bastards in formal wear during the series' grand media conference:

Set to make their hearts beat are Marijoy Apostol, Mica Javier, Jane Oineza, Maxine Medina, Ritz Azul, and Kylie Verzosa.

Also joining the cast are Perla Bautista, Ana Abad-Santos, Joyce Ann Burton, Pinky Amador and Jeffrey Santos with Isabel Rivas, Lito Pimentel, Bert Reyes, and Rosanna Roces.

Find out how the lives of Isagani, Joaquin, Matteo, Connor and Lucas will become intertwined when they start learning the truth behind their identities. Catch “Los Bastardos” outside the Philippines via TFC, with its pilot episode streaming in most countries worldwide via TFC Online ( on October 15 at 4:35 P.M.

For more updates about the show, visit TFC’s Facebook page applicable for your area. Connect with fellow global Kapamilyas and follow @KapamilyaTFC and KapamilyaGlobalPR on Twitter and Instagram.

Are you excited to this newest PHR adaptation? 10/12/2018 (TV Series Craze)

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Kapuso actress Glaiza De Castro always creates a remarkable character on every projects she worked with. Well, who among you didn't know the characters of Glazilda, Pirena, and Contessa? Yes, all of them were played by no other than Ms. Glaiza De Castro.

Now in the movie scene, Glaiza portrays the character of "Liway!" Who is Liway? Yeah, she is a brave mother who survived the challenges of the Martial Law years. And just like her previous roles on TV, Glaiza once more created a buzz on the big screen via this remarkable character. And that is why the movie "Liway" now turns into a big hit.

"Liway" is an official entry to the 2018 Cinemalaya film festival. She is shooting for this movie while at the same time taping for her afternoon soap "Contessa."

During the exclusive blogcon of Glaiza De Castro and Dominic Rocco for "Liway," Glaiza revealed the challenges of portraying the character of Contessa and Liway at the same time. Did you know that Glaiza need to change the color of her hair from blonde to black and back to blonde because she is shooting for "Contessa" and "Liway" at the same time?

Well, here are our full live video coverage during Glaiza and Rocco's blogcon for the said rerun of the movie where they revealed interesting facts about the film and exciting behind-the-scenes which viewers didn't yet known:


Here's more of Glaiza and Rocco's cool conversation:


"Liway" is actually the fourth time together of Glaiza and Rocco in one film. As they say, "sanay na sanay na sila sa isa't isa at wala nang ilangan sa mga eksena habang ginagawa nila 'ung movie."

More exclusive profile photos of Glaiza and Rocco below:

Glaiza Needs to Cut Her Hair Short for "Liway"

Glaiza De Castro and Dominic Rocco Already in Their 4TH Movie Together

"Liway" turns to be the highest grossing 2018 Cinemalaya film. It also becomes a top trending topic in the world wide web. People who already watched this during the actual Cinemalaya schedule praised the movie with a patriotic standing ovation. Therefore the film had its rerun in theaters just this October 10, 2018.

Aside from its rerun, more and more block screenings were set for "Liway." Viewers truly showed their full support because this is not only a political movie, but another woman empowerment film which showcased the great acting stint of its lead cast.

After you watch the movie, feel free to express your thoughts and opinion about this. Once more congrats Glaiza for success of your new project! 10/11/2018 (TV Series Craze)

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After the success of their very own TV series like "My Husband's Lover," "The Richman's Daughter," and "Destiny Rose," GMA-7 pioneers another controversial teleserye that will rock the TV series world. This is via their newest "Asawa Ko Karibal Ko" which will tackle another real-life story.

The series stars Jason Abalos, Thea Tolentino, Kris Bernal, and Rayver Cruz. Jason and Kris portray the characters of the married couple Nathan and Rachel. But Nathan is a closeted gay who just used Rachel to hide his own identity.

Later on, Nathan will undergo a sex transformation. He will return as Venus (in the character of Thea), the transgender who will become the rival of his own wife Rachel. The man who will tear them apart is no other than Rayver Cruz playing the character of Gavin.

Well, since this is another interesting story, we had prepared a reaction vlog showcasing the mystery of Jason's character. Let's all watch this:

To get to know more about the characters in the story, let's check out below the character posters of the three lead casts. Here they go:

As revealed in the vlog, yes, this is the first time that Jason plays a gay role. He is a full blown closeted cross-dresser who will later on return as a transgender. 

"Asawa Ko Karibal Ko" is set to hit the GMA's afternoon block replacing the Megan Young - Katrina Halili teleserye "The Stepdaughters."

What can you say about this newest GMA TV series? Feel free to post your thoughts and opinions on our comment section! 10/11/2018 (TV Series Craze)

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Dr. Jason Bull seems to have gone through a change of heart after S2 cliffhanger.
Brash and brilliant Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) not only comes back alive after suffering from a massive heart attack on the Season 2 finale. He’s also looking like a whole new man as he goes straight back to work and ready for another bout of courtroom voir dire in the third season of Bull on Blue Ant Entertainment.

Towards the end of the last season, Dr. Bull fell into a downward spiral—drinking, overeating, missing out on sleep, and occasionally throwing out tantrums that would sour the confidence of the Trial Analysis Corporation team.

The new season, however, opens with a sleeker-looking man, without the unkempt hair, unshaven face, and the pounds around his waist and under his chin—signs of change from someone who only thinks about himself. Unfortunately, he returns to work facing a rather rich client, an insurance company being sued by a dying mother who was denied coverage for a liver transplant. Will the snarky Dr. Bull manage to choose the right thing not just for himself but also for his team?

It’s a decision that could make or break his return after almost losing the team’s confidence in the previous season due to his self-destructive decisions, especially when he found out that his ex-wife was remarrying. TAC’s second-in-command Marissa Morgan (Geneva Carr) couldn’t help but confront him: “I think you’re an amazing person, Jason, but I am tired of worrying about you, pitying you. I want to admire you again.”

He then tried patching things up—by taking on a risky death penalty case involving a mute man accused of rape, murder, and arson. The team didn’t share his enthusiasm and thought that he was being too impulsive when he took the case. No matter what they said, he trusted his guts—the way he had always done to do what was right for his team and clients.

Dr. Bull stood by his instincts and persuaded the team that there was hope not only for the case, but also for him to make things right again. In the end, they managed to uncover the tracks of the real perpetrator and prove their client’s innocence— not without a heavy toll on him that left viewers with bated breath.

Now Bull is back and in much better health—and more importantly, with more sensitive feelings. Could it be because he came face to face with his mortality? The entire TAC team is certainly happy seeing their boss back in business, but whether he’s become a changed man is another story.

Viewers will have to wait and see if Dr. Bull returns with a kinder disposition when he is enlisted by a big insurance company for a controversial case. The new season also puts the trial science expert Dr. Bull in the jury seat, serving his civic duty while working on a case to defend a woman accused of killing her daughter’s murderer in the next case.

Catch the two-episode premiere of Bull Season 3 on October 12, Friday at 9:45PM (8:45PM JKT/BKK) on Blue Ant Entertainment.

Stay up-to-date on the TAC’s latest case by following Blue Ant Entertainment at, @BlueAntEnt on Twitter, and @BlueAntEntertainment on Instagram. 10/10/2018 (TV Series Craze)

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Philippine Movie Press Club has formally revealed the official nominees and awardees for this year 32nd PMPC Star Awards for TV.

This 2018, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista is set to receive the Ading Fernando Lifetime Achievement Award while GMA radio and television newscaster, journalist, TV host Arnold Clavio will receive the Excellence In Broadcasting award

ABS-CBN's FPJ's Ang Probinsyano Coco Martin & Yassi Pressman are the recipient of this year's German Moreno Power Tandem.

ABS-CBN's longest running musical variety show ASAP will now be included on the PMPC Hall of Fame.

Here is the full list of nominees of the 32nd PMPC Star Awards for Television 2018:

Best TV Station
IBC 13
NET 25

Best Primetime TV Series 
Bagani (ABS-CBN 2)
Inday Will Always Love You (GMA 7)
Kambal, Karibal (GMA 7)
Since I Found You (ABS-CBN 2)
Sherlock Jr (GMA 7)
The Blood Sisters (ABS-CBN 2)
The Good Son (ABS-CBN 2)

Best Daytime Drama Series
Asintado (ABS-CBN 2)
Contessa (GMA 7)
Hanggang Saan (ABS-CBN 2)
Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka (GMA 7)
Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi (ABS-CBN 2)
Sana Dalawa Ang Puso (ABS-CBN 2)
The Stepdaughters (GMA 7)

Nominees for Best Drama Actress

Best Drama Actress
Erich Gonzales (The Blood Sisters / ABS-CBN 2)
Glaiza de Castro (Contessa / GMA 7)
Jodi Sta. Maria (Sana Dalawa Ang Puso / ABS-CBN 2)
Julia Montes (Asintado / ABS-CBN 2)
Katrina Halili (The Stepdaughters / GMA 7)
Liza Soberano (Bagani/ ABS-CBN 2)
Sylvia Sanchez (Hanggang Saan / ABS-CBN 2)
Yasmien Kurdi (Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka / GMA 7)

Nominees for Best Drama Actor

Best Drama Actor
Arjo Atayde (Hanggang Saan / ABS-CBN 2)
Coco Martin (FPJ's Ang Probinsyano / ABS-CBN 2)
Enrique Gil (Bagani / ABS-CBN 2)
Jerome Ponce (The Good Son / ABS-CBN 2)
JM de Guzman (PHR Presents Araw Gabi / ABS-CBN 2)
Joshua Garcia (The Good Son / ABS-CBN 2)
Nash Aguas (The Good Son / ABS-CBN 2)
Piolo Pascual (Since I Found You / ABS-CBN 2)

Best Drama Supporting Actress
Eula Valdes (The Good Son / ABS-CBN 2)
Kyline Alcantara (Kambal, Karibal / GMA 7)
Lorna Tolentino (Asintado / ABS-CBN 2)
Mylene Dizon (The Good Son / ABS-CBN 2)
Pauline Mendoza (Kambal, Kariba l/ GMA 7)
Shaina Magdayao (Asintado / ABS-CBN 2)
Susan Roces (FPJ's Ang Probinsyano / ABS-CBN 2)
Yassi Pressman (FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano / ABS-CBN 2)

Best Drama Supporting Actor
Ariel Rivera (Hanggang Saan / ABS-CBN 2)
Arnold Reyes (Hanggang Saan / ABS-CBN 2)
Christopher de Leon (Sana Dalawa Ang Puso / ABS-CBN 2)
Gabby Eigenmann (Contessa / GMA 7)
Gary Estrada (The Stepdaughters / GMA 7)
Jhong Hilario (FPJ's Ang Probinsyano / ABS-CBN 2)
John Estrada (The Good Son / ABS-CBN 2)
Matteo Guidicelli (Bagani / ABS-CBN 2)

Best Child Performer
Caprice Cayetano (Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka / GMA 7)
Karlo Ezekiel Torres (The Blood Sisters/ ABS-CBN 2)
Leanne Bautista (The Cure / GMA 7)
Naomi "Heart" Ramos (FPJ's Ang Probinsyano /ABS-CBN 2)
Seth Dela Cruz (Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka/ GMA 7)
Yñigo Delen (Since I Found You/ ABS-CBN 2
Sofia Pablo (Sherlock Jr / GMA 7)
Zachie Rivera (The Stepdaughters / GMA)

Best New Male Tv Personality 
Charles Kieron (Asintado / ABS-CBN 2)
Greg Hawkins (It's Showtime / ABS-CBN 2)
Henz Villaraiz (Sana Dalawa Ang Puso / ABS-CBN 2)
Kelvin Miranda (Bubble Gang / GMA 7)
Kendoll (Eat Bulaga / GMA 7)
Markus Paterson (Sana Dalawa Ang Puso / ABS-CBN 2)
Ronwaldo Martin (FPJ's Ang Probinsyano / ABS-CBN 2)
Wilbert Ross (It's Showtime / ABS-CBN 2)

Best New Female TV Personality
Charlie Dizon (Bagani /ABS- CBN 2)
Heaven Peralejo (Wansapanataym Presents: Jasmin’s Flower Power / ABS-CBN 2)
Jackie Gonzaga (It's Showtime / ABS-CBN 2)
Mary Joy Apostol (MMK-Portrait / ABS-CBN 2)
Maxine Medina (Hanggang Saan / ABS-CBN 2)
Tricia Bersano (Iskoolmates / PTV 4)

Best Drama Anthology
Dear Uge (GMA 7)
Ipaglaban Mo (ABS-CBN 2)
Karelasyon (GMA 7)
Magpakailanman (GMA 7)
Maynila (GMA 7)
Tadhana (GMA 7)

Best Single Performance By An Actress
Ana Capri (MMK – Medalya / ABS-CBN 2)
Claire Ruiz (MMK - Bibliya / ABS-CBN 2)
Denise Laurel (MMK - Hapag Kainan / ABS-CBN 2)
Gloria Diaz (Ipaglaban Mo-Daya / ABS-CBN 2)
Ina Raymundo (MMK-Sunflower / ABS-CBN 2)
Kim Chiu (Ipaglaban Mo-Korea / ABS-CBN 2)
Pokwang (MMK – Eskoba / ABS-CBN 2)
Sharlene San Pedro (MMK -Rubber Shoes / ABS-CBN 2)

Best Single Performance By An Actor 
Alden Richards (Magpakailanman - Kuwentong Marawi sa Mata ng Isang Sundalo / GMA 7)
Angelo Ilagan (MMK – Lambat / ABS-CBN 2)
Ian Veneracion (MMK – Portrait / ABS-CBN 2)
James Blanco (MMK - Hapag Kainan / ABS-CBN 2)
Joross Gamboa (MMK - Alkansya / ABS-CBN 2)
McCoy de Leon (Ipaglaban Mo – Katiwala / ABS-CBN 2)
Ruru Madrid (Magpakailanman -Takbo Ng Buhay Ko / GMA 7)
Zaijan Jaranilla (Ipaglaban Mo: Titser / ABS-CBN 2)

Best Public Service Program
Healing Galing (TV 5)
Imbestigador (GMA 7)
Mission Possible (ABS-CBN 2)
My Puhunan (ABS-CBN 2)
Red Alert (ABS-CBN 2)
Salamat Dok (ABS-CBN 2)
Wish Ko Lang (GMA 7)

Best Public Service Program Host
Bernadette Sembrano (Salamat Dok / ABS-CBN 2)
Gus Abelgas (Soco / ABS-CBN 2)
Jeff Canoy (Red Alert / ABS-CBN 2)
Julius Babao (Mission Possible / ABS-CBN 2)
Karen Davila (My Puhunan / ABS-CBN 2)
Ted Failon (Failon Ngayon / ABS-CBN 2
Vicky Morales (Wish Ko Lang / GMA 7)

Best Gag Show
Banana Sundae (ABS-CBN 2)
Goin' Bulilit (ABS-CBN 2)

Best Comedy Show
#Michael Angelo The Sitcom (GMA NEWS TV)
Hapi Ang Buhay (NET 25)
Home Sweetie Home (ABS-CBN 2)
Pepito Manaloto (GMA 7)

Best Comedy Actor
Jayson Gainza (Banana Sundae ABS CBN 2)
Jobert Austria (Banana Sundae ABS-CBN 2)
Michael V (Pepito Manaloto GMA 7)
Ogie Alcasid (Home Sweetie Home ABS-CBN 2 )
Piolo Pascual (Home Sweetie Home ABS-CBN 2 )
Pooh (Banana Sundae ABS-CBN 2)
Ryan Bang (Banana Sundae ABS-CBN 2)
Sef Cadayona (Bubble Gang GMA 7)

Best Comedy Actress
Angelica Panganiban (Banana Sundae ABS-CBN 2)
Chariz Solomon (Bubble Gang GMA 7 )
Manilyn Reynes (Pepito Manaloto GMA 7)
Nova Villa (Pepito Manaloto GMA 7)
Rufa Mae Quinto (Home Sweetie ABS-CBN 2)
Sunshine Garcia (Banana Sundae ABS-CBN 2)
Toni Gonzaga (Home Sweetie Home ABS-CBN 2)

Best Musical Variety Show
Beautiful Sunday (NET 25)
Letters And Music (NET 25)

Best Variety Show
Bossing And Ai (GMA 7)
It's Showtime (ABS-CBN 2)
Sunday Pinasaya (GMA 7)
Wowowin (GMA 7)

Best Female TV Host
Ai Ai Delas Alas (Sunday Pinasaya GMA 7)
Amy Perez (It's Showtime ABS-CBN 2)
Anne Curtis (It's Showtime ABS-CBN 2)
Jolina Magdangal (ASAP ABS-CBN 2)
Maine Mendoza (Eat Bulaga GMA 7)
Marian Rivera (Sunday Pinasaya GMA 7)
Sarah Geronimo (ASAP ABS-CBN 2)
Toni Gonzaga (ASAP ABS-CBN 2)

Best Male TV Host
Alden Richards (Eat Bulaga GMA 7)
Luis Manzano (ASAP ABS-CBN 2)
Piolo Pascual (ASAP ABS-CBN 2)
Robi Domingo (ASAP ABS-CBN 2)
Vhong Navarro (It's Showtime ABS-CBN 2)
Vic Sotto (Eat Bulaga GMA 7)
Vice Ganda (It's Showtime ABS-CBN 2)
Willie Revillame (Wowowin GMA 7)

Best Educational Program
Born To Be Wild (GMA 7)
Idol Sa Kusina (GMA 7)
Matanglawin (ABS-CBN 2)
Pinas Sarap (GMA NEWS TV)
Say Mo Doc (GMA NEWS TV)

Best Educational Program Host
Chef Boy Logro (Idol Sa Kusina GMA 7)
Dingdong Dantes (Amazing Earth GMA 7)
Dr. Ferds Reccio (Born To Be Wild GMA 7)
Drew Arellano (AHA GMA 7)
Kara David (Pinas Sarap GMA NEWS TV)
Kim Atienza (Matanglawin ABS-CBN 2)
Susan Barlin, Maggie Dela Riva and Anna Rivera (Say Mo Doc GMA NEWS TV)

Best Celebrity Talk Show
Gandang Gabi Vice (ABS-CBN 2)
Magandang Buhay (ABS-CBN 2)
Moments (NET 25)
Tonight With Boy Abunda (ABS-CBN 2)
Tonight With Arnold Clavio (GMA NEWS TV)

Best Celebrity Talk Show Host
Arnold Clavio (Tonight With Arnold Clavio GMA NEWS TV)
Boy Abunda (Tonight With Boy Abunda ABS-CBN 2)
Camille Prats / Suzie Entrata (Mars GMA NEWS TV
Gladys Reyes (Moments NET 25)
Karla Estrada / Jolina Magdangal / Melai Contiveros(Magandang Buhay ABS CBN 2)
Neo "Kuya E" Padua (RYTS NET 25)
Vice Ganda (Gandang Gabi Vice ABS-CBN 2)

Best Documentary Program
Brigada (GMA NEWS TV)
Investigative Documentaries (GMA NEWS TV)
I-Witness (GMA 7)
Reel Time (GMA NEWS TV)
Reporter's Notebook (GMA 7)
Tunay Na Buhay (GMA NEWS TV)

Best Documentary Program Host
Atom Araullo, Howie Severino, Kara David, Jay Taruc,Mariz Umali, Sandra Aguinaldo (I-Witness GMA 7)
Jessica Soho (Brigada GMA NEWS TV)
Maki Pulido / Raffy Tima (Reporter's Notebook GMA 7)
Malou Mangahas (Investigative Documentaries GMA NEWS TV)
Rhea Santos (Tunay Na Buhay GMA NEWS TV)

Best Documentary Special
Bakas Ng Sigwa (PTV 4)
Paglayang Minamahal (ABS-CBN 2)

Best Horror/Fantasy Program
Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko (GMA 7)
Sirkus (GMA 7)
Wansapanataym (ABS-CBN 2)

Best Magazine Show
Ang Pinaka (GMA NEWS TV)
Good News Kasama Si Vicky Morales (GMA NEWS TV)
I-Juander (GMA NEWS TV)
Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (GMA 7)
Profiles (CNN Philippines)
Rated K (ABS-CBN 2)

Best Magazine Show Host
Bea Binene / Vicky Morales (Good News GMA NEWS TV)
Love Añover / Vicky Morales / Cesar Apolinario / Susan Enriquez (I-Juander GMA NEWS TV)
Jessica Soho (Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho GMA 7)
Ken Chan / Janine Gutierrez (Day Off GMA NEWS TV)
Korina Sanchez (Rated K ABS-CBN 2)
Mitzi Borromeo (Profiles CNN Philippines)
Rovilson Fernandez (Ang Pinaka GMA NEWS TV)

Best News Program
24 Oras (GMA 7)
Aksyon Prime (TV 5)
Balitaan (CNN Philippines)
Balitanghali (GMA NEWS TV)
Bandila (ABS-CBN 2)
Saksi (GMA 7))
State Of The Nation (GMA NEWS TV)
TV Patrol (ABS-CBN 2)

Best Male Newscaster
Arnold Clavio (Saksi GMA 7)
Howie Severino (News To Go GMA NEWS TV)
Julius Babao (Bandila ABS-CBN 2)
Mike Enriquez (24 Oras GMA 7)
Noli De Castro (TV Patrol ABS-CBN 2)
Raffy Tima (Balitanghali GMA NEWS TV)
Ted Failon (TV Patrol ABS-CBN 2)

Best Female Newscaster
Bernadette Sembrano (TV Patrol ABS-CBN 2)
Jessica Soho (State Of The Naton GMA NEWS TV)
Karen Davila (Bandila ABS-CBN 2)
Luchi Cruz Valdes (Aksyon Prime TV 5)
Mel Tiangco (24 Oras GMA 7)
Pia Arcanghel (24 Oras Weekend GMA 7)
Pinky Webb (Balitaan CNN Philippines)
Vicky Morales (24 Oras GMA 7)

Best Morning Show
Good Morning Kuya (UNTV)
Good Morning Pilipinas (PTV 4)
Pambansang Almusal (NET 25)
Umagang Kay Ganda (ABS-CBN 2)
Unang Hirit (GMA 7)

Best Morning Show Host
Anthony Taberna, Jorge Cariño, Gretchen Ho, Amy Perez,Winnie Cordero, Ariel Ureta (Umagang Kayganda ABS CBN 2)
Daniel Razon, Angelo “Diego” Castro, Atty. Lorenzo “Erin” Tañada, Angela Lagunzad, Beth Santiago, Rheena Villamor-Camara and Erica “Kikay” Honrado (Good Morning Kuya UNTV 37)
Dianne Medina, Jules Guiang, Karla Paderna,
Diane Querrer, Alfonso Delos Santos and Congressman John Bertiz
(Good Morning Pilipinas PTV 4)
Leo Martinez, Phoebe Publico, Claire Cuenca, Julie Fernando, Nicole Facal, Genesis Gomez, Earlo Bringas (Pambansang Almusal NET 25)
Susan Enriquez, Connie Sison, Pia Arcanghel, Nathaniel Cruz, Arnold Clavio, Lyn Ching, Lhar Santiago, Suzie Entrata, Ivan Mayrina, Love Añover (Unang Hirit GMA 7)

Best Public Affairs Program
Bawal Ang Pasaway Kay Mareng Winnie (GMA NEWS TV)
Get It Straight With Daniel Razon (UN TV 37)
Iskoolmates (PTV 4)
Sa Ganang Mamamayan (NET 25)
Tapatan Ni Tunying (ABS-CBN 2)
The Bottomline (ABS-CBN 2)
The Source (CNN Philippines)

Best Public Affairs Program Host
Anthony Taberna (Tapatan Ni Tunying ABS-CBN 2)
Boy Abunda (The Bottomline ABS-CBN 2)
Daniel Razon (Get It Straight With D UNTV 37)
Pia Hontiveros On The Record (CNN Philippines)
Pinky Webb (The Source CNN Philippines)
Rodante Marcoleta / Genycil Subardiaga (Sa Ganang Mamamayan NET 25)
Winnie Monsod (Bawal Ang Pasaway Kay Mareng Winnie GMA NEWS TV)

Best Travel Show
Biyahe Ni Drew (GMA NEWS TV)
Diaries (ABS-CBN 2)
Landmarks (NET 25)
Sagisag Kultura (PTV 4)

Best Travel Show Host
Drew Arellano (Biyahe Ni Drew GMA NEWS TV)
Gina Lopez (Diaries ABS-CBN 2)
Hero Angeles / Lara Maigue (Sagisag Kultura PTV 4)
Indra Cepeda and Dolly Malgapo (Landmarks NET 25)

Best Lifestyle Show
Taste Buddies (GMA NEWS TV)
The World Of Gandang Ricky Reyes (GMA NEWS TV)
Taumbahay (NET 25)

Best Lifestyle Show Host
Julie Fernando, Monalise Aguilar, Claire Cuenca, Mylene Mariano Rivera, Mabel Cruz
(Taumbahay NET 25)
Ricky Reyes (The World Of Gandang Ricky Reyes GMA NEWS TV)
Solenn Heussaff / Rhian Ramos (Taste Buddies GMA NEWS TV)
Best Talent Search Program Host
Billy Crawford (Little Bigshot ABS CBN 2)
Billy Crawford (Your Face Sounds Familiar ABS CBN 2)
Luis Manzano (I Can See Your Voice ABS CBN 2)

Best Children Show
Homework (NET 25)
The KNC (Kawan Ng Cordero) Show (UN TV 37)
Word Hub (NET 25)

Best Children Show Host
Eric Cabobos, Christian Luke Alarcon, Christian Daniel Isip, Bency Braine Vallo, Mj Paler, David Soriano, Percida Capulong, Leanne Manalanzan, Liana Manalanzan, Kimberly Enriquez and Angelica Tejana (The KNC (Kawan Ng Cordero) Show UN TV 37)
DJ Albert (Word Hub (NET 25)
Sally Lopez Homework (NET 25)

Ading Fernando Lifetime Achievement Award
Herbert Bautista

Excellence in Broadcasting Lifetime Achievement Award
Arnold Clavio

German Moreno Power Tandem of the Year
Coco Martin and Yassi Pressman

Hall of Fame Award
(Best Musical Variety Show)

Awards night will be held in Henry Lee Irwin Theater, Ateneo de Manila University,  Sunday, October 14, 2018. 

Goodluck and Congratulations to all the nominees!  (TV Series Craze)

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

After the  successes of "Pusong Ligaw" and "Annaliza," they are set for a great teleserye comeback!

Get to know Romina (Beauty Gonzalez), a loving daughter who strives to give comfort to her family, especially to her mother. Aside from her family, she also finds happiness from her boyfriend Carlos (Adrian Alandy). They will pursue their dreams together, and eventually decide to get married.

However, a day before their wedding, Romina gets raped by an unknown man--a crime that will change her life forever. In disbelief of her girlfriend’s testimony, Carlos will break up with Romina and blame her for her unfortunate fate. But another news will shock her--she is pregnant and the child she carries is the result of the horrific act done to her.

In her moment of despair, she will find refuge in Robert (Albert Martinez), the owner of the company where she works. They will eventually become lovers, but Robert’s daughter Daniela (Dimples Romana) will get in their way and do everything to tear them apart. Mean and conceited, Daniela will treat Romina unfairly and accuse her of being a gold digger.

Their conflict will push Daniela to run away and live on her own. But she will return as Carlos’ wife, and will bring with them their daughter Margaret (Andrea Brillantes).

Daniela and her family’s return will also mark her quest to get the whole share from her father’s inheritance. But this will not be made easy by Romina and her daughter Cassandra (Francine Diaz), who is now a legal child of Robert. This will deepen their rivalry for the love of Robert and their right as the true heirs as they decide to live under one roof.

Here is the full trailer of the said teleserye:

Daniela and Romina’s rivalry will seem to be reflected by their daughters Margaret and Cassandra. Margaret will grow up rebellious and used to getting everything she wants. On the other hand, Cassandra was raised to be kind, compassionate and respectful.

As they live under one roof, Margaret gets increasingly jealous of Cassandra and does everything to win the love and attention of Robert, Margaret’s grandfather and Cassandra’s adoptive father.

The two young actress joining the new ABS-CBN series has poised their acting chops at an early age. Brilliantes was just 10 years old when she headlined her own teleserye, “Annaliza,” which showcased her potential as a drama actress. She was dubbed as Teleserye Princess (TV series Princess) and won the Best Child Performer Award at the PMPC Star Awards for Television in 2013.

On the other hand, Diaz is new in the industry and impressed everyone when she portrayed the young Erich Gonzales in “Be My Lady” in 2016, and young Kim Chiu in “Ikaw Lamang ang Iibigin” in 2017.

Meantime, also part of the cast of “Kadenang Ginto” are Eula Valdez, Ronnie Lazaro, Luke Conde, Nikko Natividad, Adrian Lindayag, Kat Galang, and Savannah Rosales. It is under the direction of Jerry Lopez Sineneng.

Can their golden hearts still return to their gleaming glow now that they are dimmed by anger?

"Kadenang Ginto" premieres this Monday, October 8, 2018 in ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold replacing "Asintado." 10/06/2018 (TV Series Craze)

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 Erik Matti, the supposed to be director of the ABS-CBN's "Darna" film already left the project. He will not anymore do the said movie with Liza Soberano on the lead role.

Inline with this issue, ABS-CBN released their official statement. According to their statement, the director left doing the movie because of the creative differences between the director and Star Cinema. Their mutual decision will also allow the filmaker to work on his other projects under his own production, his company called Reality Entertainment  

Here is the official statement from the Kapamilya network:

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN already reported that there is already a replacement for Direk Matti. Yes, he is no other than Jerrold Tarog, the director of "Heneral Luna" and "Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral." So no worries to all the "Darna" and Liza Soberano fans because the movie will still pursue!

Let's wait for further announcements if when will this movie be finally shown! 10/06/2018 (TV Series Craze)

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Not one, but three... One father but with three families! Are you ready to meet Family 1, 2, and 3?

GMA Telebabad is set to bring us another dramedy, a comedy-drama that would set another good vibes in Philippine Primetime TV. Following the success of their comedy-drama  genres in primetime namely "My Korean Jagiya," "The One That Got Away," and "Inday Will Always Love You,"  here comes another dramedy, now a family-theme series called "Pamilya Roces." 

The patriarch of the Roces clan is Rodolfo played by Roi Vinzon. He is rich, easily tempted, and the founder of Roces Group of Companies. Oh, and he is also the root cause of this entire family drama.

Making the series more interesting is The Legal Family, headed by Miss Universe 1969 Ms. Gloria Diaz as Natalia Austria-Roces, Rodolfo’s wife. She is beautiful, sophisticated and a former model who came from a well-off family. Natalia has a very supportive sister, Camilla Austria, played by Snooky Serna. Camilla is kind, down-to-earth and treats Rodolfo’s stepchildren well. Rodolfo has two beautiful daughters. His eldest is Crystal Rose Roces-Javellana, played by top Kapuso actress, Carla Abellana. She has always been independent and is being groomed to be the next CEO of their company. Her greatest fear is not living up to people’s expectations, especially of her father’s. Kapuso It Girl Gabbi Garcia plays Jade Roces, the younger daughter. Spoiled, and very self-absorbed, she is a famous social media influencer and her personality often clashes with her father.

Rodolfo’s Second Family is composed of Violet Bolocboc, played by Elizabeth Oropesa, a former kontesera who became a backup dancer. She will later on use her daughter, Amber Bolocboc, played by Sophie Albert to get a larger share of Rodolfo’s wealth. Amber Bolocboc was the result of her parents’ one night stand. She is the main contra vida in Crystal’s life both in power and in love.

Playing equally vital roles are the members of The Third Family: Ana Roces as Lily Renacia, Rodolfo’s true love and the mother of Pearl and Amethyst; Shaira Diaz as Amethyst Roces. She is the youngest “sister” who is charming, smart, clingy and sweet to Rodolfo; and versatile actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith in her very first Kapuso role as Pearl Renacia. She is technically not a Roces, but she’s creative, clever, and not afraid to stand up for what is right, especially for her half-sister, Amethyst.

So without further talk, let's all watch the full uncut trailer of "Pamilya Roces" and its OST sung by Maricris Garcia shown during the show's grand mediacon:

And of course, meet the casts of this exciting TV series:

Joining the powerhouse ensemble are the men in the Roces Family: Rocco Nacino is Hugo Javellana, Crystal’s cariñosong husband who is currently one of the family company’s executives. He and Amber will have a secret affair; Andre Paras is Gareth Austria, Camilla’s adopted son. He is handsome, smart, and often avoids any sort of conflict with anyone. Eventually, he and Pearl will fall in love with each other.

Adding fun and excitement in the series are the allies of the Roces Family; Christian Bautista is Ralph Gomez, the Roces family’s trusted lawyer. He’s a good listener and confidante, especially to Crystal whom he secretly has feelings for; Mika Dela Cruz as Donnatela Rosales, Jade’s best friend who is also an influencer oozing with confidence and loves being the center of attention; Manolo Pedrosa as Gil Figueroa, a budding photographer who pursues Jade but gets rejected. 

Under the direction of Joel Lamangan, "Pamilya Roces" is set to hit the primetime this Monday, October 8, 2018 replacing the timeslot of "Inday Will Alway Love You."  What can you say about this new Kapuso TV series? 10/06/2018 (TV Series Craze)

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