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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Marian Rivera's drama anthology "Tadhana" is now on its 3rd year anniversary. And yes, more exciting things are yet to witness in this GMA's leading afternoon drama show. And one of these is the online episodes.

Yes, you heard it right! If you missed the episodes of "Tadhana," worry no more 'cause replay episodes are now available online via Tadhana's Official Facebook Fanpage.

Replay episodes of Tadhana are also now available on the show’s official Facebook page published every Saturday-Monday evening starting this month.

And of course, catch fresh new episodes of this drama anthology every Saturday at 3:15pm in GMA network.

Once more, congratulations to the success of this show! 02/19/2020 (TV Series Craze)

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Friday, February 14, 2020

A day before the Valentine, the three lead stars together with their movie director of Star Cinema's heart month offering, "James & Pat & Dave" graced a fun-filled blogcon. Donny Pangilinan, Ronnie Alonte, and Loisa Andalio together with the movie director Theodore Boborol shared exciting revelations not only about their movie but also about themselves.

Did you know that Loisa is a rapper? Yes, since childhood, Loisa is a lover of rap music. She revealed the rap artists she loves to listen with. During the blogcon, Loisa performed a sample of her rap music singing the movie theme song, "Simpleng Tao."

Donny on the other hand gave a glimpse of his love story we witnessed in the end of the movie. Can you guess the special girl who made a cameo in the film? According to him, there will be a new project inline with him together with that 'mystery girl.'

Meanwhile Ronnie discussed about rejections. Can you guess how many times Ronnie experience rejections? What are the moves he made to surpass such kind of trial?

Well without further talks, here is one part of our full live video coverage revealing the other side of Ronnie, Donny, and Loisa discussed during blogcon. Let's all watch this:

Meanwhile after the success of "Vince & Kath & James," why did the movie director Theodore Boborol decided to come up with "James & Pat & Dave?" Is it Loisa Andalio really intended to play the role of Pat? Or they gave it to her just because she is the real-life girlfriend of Ronnie? Who should be the original to portray such character?

"James & Pat & Dave"  is actually Donny's third movie project after "Walwal" and "Fantastica." Now that he got a third film, what other adjustments he made to perfectly play the character of Dave? What scenes are the most memorable and most challenging for him? The movie further unveiled a sexier and a hunkier Donny Pangilinan. Are we expecting more topless Donny on the coming days?

To answer further exciting questions, let watch this other part of our live video coverage below:

Now showing on more than 100 theaters nationwide, treat your love ones with "James & Pat & Dave" and feel the love and good vibes of the movie. Promise, the movie is a stress-free film full of cool, romantic, inspiring, and comedy scenes!

Here are more of the group photos of the casts and director of the movie during the blogcon:

Congratulations LoiNie, Donny, Direk Theodore, and Star Cinema for another successful romcom film! Thumbs up! 02/14/2020 (TV Series Craze)

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Jonathan Ivan Rivera, better known as ‘Ivan The Selfie Magician’, is a Master Illusionist, events
host, YouTuber and a professional theater actor, with an acting certificate from the Philippine Educational Theater Association.

Ivan has been entertaining children and adults with his show “Ivan The Selfie Magician” since 2008. That was also the year 12 year old Ivan was featured in Cartoon Network’s Super Birthday Bash. 

Over the last ten years he has taken his act to Eagle Ridge Golf Course and Country Club,
Cebu Pacific, PLDT Polycom, Fun Ranch , KUS companies, Aheadstart School, the campuses of Ateneo De Manila University , St Scholastica’s College , and a lot more. 

He also mastered the art of juggling studies and work, finally completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication Major in Broadcast with Theater and Journalism units - (Cum Laude) at the Centro Escolar University last April.

He is a consistent choice for parties and private events and. Among his clients are Ms. Amy Perez, Team Kramer, Jiggy Manicad , LeeVan Corteza, Gov. Jade Ecleo, Jolo Revilla, Jennylyn Mercado, Patrick Garcia and many more.

Last August 27 2018 , He staged “Journey to Arete”. In this sold out live show, he launched the new additions to his repertoire and celebrated his tenth year of doing magic. 

There are several magic acts in the industry, but nothing can compare to the illusions and showmanship he offers, most definitely one of the best magicians in the Philippines, maybe more, because he is the magician that magicians watch, Ivan The Selfie Magician. 02/12/2020 (TV Series Craze)

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The three lead stars together with their nemesis of the GMA's top-rating afternoon teleserye "Prima Donnas" shared a fun-filled morning of fun and kulitan with the bloggers! The three donnas Jillian Ward, Athea Aban, and Sofia Pablo with their antagonist Elijah Alejo enjoyed a barkada like kulitan unveiling interesting facts about themselves. 

Who among them loves Angel Locsin and want to play "Darna" in the future? Take note, she even shouted "Darna!" in the middle of the blogcon! How about, the one who sings "Marimar?" Yes, she further revealed that the first Pinay "Marimar" Marian Rivera has an advise to her.

If we have "Darna"  and "Marimar," who among the four girls wants to play a drama series like "Impostora?" And who among them loves to be casted on a comedy show? Jillian, Althea, Sofia, or Elijah, who is your choice?! Well, let's find out here in our blog post and in our live video coverage! 

"Prima Donnas" is one of the GMA Network's top-rating teleseryes on their Afternoon Prime block. It unveils a heartwarming tale about family and love among siblings. It aired in August 2019 and is under the direction of esteemed director Ms. Gina Alejar.

Watch the first part of our live full video coverage during the blogcon below:

Playing vital roles are four of GMA's brightest and most talented teen stars namely Jillian Ward as Donna Marie; Althea Ablan as Donna Belle;  Sofia Pablo as Donna Lyn; and Elijah Alejo as Brianna.

Jillian Ward portrays the role of the eldest of the three Donnas, Donna Marie. We first saw Jillian in the 2010 series "Trudis Liit,"  a remake of the 1983 hit film. Jillian has also appeared in Kapuso shows such as "Super Ma'am," "My Special Tatay," and "Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko."

Althea Ablan plays the character of Donna Belle, the ambitious Donna. Althea has appeared in a number of Kapuso shows such as "Kara Mia," "Super Ma'am,"  and "Haplos."  Aside from being an actress, Althea is also a talented dancer. She often posts dance covers on her Instagram account.
Sofia Pablo  plays Donna Lyn, the youngest of the three Donnas. Sofia has appeared in Kapuso shows such as "Destined to be Yours"  and "Sherlock Jr." Aside from being an actress, Sofia is also a vlogger who recently received a Silver Play Button Award for surpassing 100, 000 subscribers on YouTube. She also has more than 1 million followers on TikTok and she is one of the platform's standout Filipino Celebrities in 2019.

Elijah Alejo plays the character of Brianna, the villain in the life of the three Donnas. Elijah has appeared in Kapuso shows such as "Ika-6 Utos" and "Conan, My Beautician." She is also an achiever in school; she has plenty of awards under her belt and despite her busy schedule, she also learned Hangul and Italian.

Now to answer our interesting questions above if who is who among the fours girls, let's all watch the second part of our live video coverage below:

Family secrets, grudging relatives, and an endless pursuit of a real identity, will the bond of the three Donnas remain strong amidst the many challenges life throws at them?

Catch "Prima Donnas" every Monday  to Friday at 3:25pm and every Saturday at 2:30pm on GMA Network.

Congrats to the success of this TV Series! Looking forward for more exciting twists now that a new character, James Blanco enters the story! 02/12/2020 (TV Series Craze)

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PEPSI brings all the best and trending ambassadors in one huge event. SB19, Mimiyuuuh, JinHo Bae, Kiefer Ravena, Alyssa Valdez, Ricci Rivero and KathNiel

Yes, you heard it right, the "King and Queen of Hearts" are now the "King and Queen of Pepsi." Pepsi Philippines happily announced in the event dubbed as "Sundin Ang Puso,"  the Pepsi Taste Challenge 2020 that the other half of KathNiel, Kathryn Bernardo joined Daniel Padilla as the brand's top ambassador.

“Handa na akong #SundinAngPuso ko”, said actress and box office queen Kathryn Bernardo.

It was a grand welcome to Kathryn. All the KathNiel lovers and solid Kathryn Bernardo fans were united to cheer for their queen and favorite loveteam.

“Something that Daniel and I share is the belief that we should follow our hearts and do the things we love. Just go for it 100%! That’s why this year, I really told myself I’m going to go all-in,” she said. “I’m thrilled to join Daniel in encouraging people to do the same, as part of the Pepsi family,” Kathryn shared, as she was introduced at the recent Pepsi Taste Challenge held at TriNoma Mall.

The event also featured different Pepsi influencers and endorsers like Daniel Padilla, Mimiyuuuh, JinHo Bae, Pamela Swing, Alyssa Valdez, Kiefer Ravena, and Ricci Rivero. Various fun and interactive activities such as Pepsi-oke, a live vlogging challenge, and a digital roulette and extraordinary performances from inspiring local artists including Matthaios, Autotelic, and SB19 entertained the audience. 

Here are two of Matthaios' performances during the event:

Song collaboration for the Broken Hearts:

His Viral Dance Craze "Catriona:"

The Pepsi Taste Challenge celebrates Filipinos’ love for cola and dares them to challenge their preconceptions through a taste test in different cities around the Philippines, to find out whether people prefer the refreshing bold taste of Pepsi vs another cola brand. The event will also take place in Cebu and in Davao - two of the most bustling areas in the country.

Here is Mimiyuuuh's Dance Challenge participated by the selected audience:

Mimiyuuuh also sang his trademark:

The hilarious acts continues on the stage as Ricci Rivero and JinHo Bae shared their funny sides!

Ricci Rivero on his sleeves shirt:

JinHo Bae sang his heart out:

 Now let's talk more on the "King and Queen of Pepsi," Daniel and Kath! 

“Kathryn embodies a refreshing personality which Pepsi represents,'' said Gutzee Segura, Marketing Manager of Pepsi Philippines. “Like Pepsi, she has always been a crowd favorite. As a matter of fact, during our Pepsi Taste Challenge held in different countries around the world such as UK, France, Italy, and Australia, among others, most of the people picked Pepsi over other cola brands.”

“Apart from these though, Kathryn’s amazing dedication to her craft serves as an inspiration to countless fans”, Gutzee shared. “With her passion and her knack for following her heart, she really personifies what Pepsi stands for,” she added.

On my next post, we'll share with you the kilig performances of KathNiel which drove the crowd wilder!

On the other hand, for the A'Tins, the supporters and lovers of the PPop SB19, we'll share a dedicated blog post for their amazing performces! So stay tune folks!

#SundinAngPuso and put your cola taste to a test, with live performances from local artists at the upcoming Pepsi Taste Test Challenge events: SM Seaside Cebu on February 22, 2020 and SM Lanang Premiere Davao on March 7, 2020. For more details, visit and follow @PepsiPhilippines on Instagram. 02/12/2020 (TV Series Craze)

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Friday, February 7, 2020

As a beauty brand that embraces diversity and gender equality, Careline launches PBB Otso big four winners and real life couple Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette as its newest ambassadors.

The first ever local love team to endorse a makeup brand, Lou and Andre embodies the powerful message that Careline consistently conveys: Makeup doesn’t have to be gender specific and the art of makeup is a form of expression that anyone must be able to experience freely. 

True to form, Careline offers a wide array of beauty needs for all genders specifically for women, members of LGBTQIA+ community and also for straight men.

Lou is a big fan of Careline’s Multi Pot, a cream to powder finish that is perfect as blush, tint, and eyeshadow; and a mix of Softe Suede in Trophy and Mood for a peachy shade. On the other hand,   some of the products that Andre uses are Careline Oil Control Face Powder that keeps skin matte and shine-free; Best Brow Liner, perfect for creating thicker brows; and Soft Suede in Icon, a nudish brown shade perfect for men. 

As Careline welcomes Lou and Andre, it aims to assert its position as a diverse makeup brand that is for inclusivity, individuality, and beauty that is for all.

To know more about Careline, visit and follow their social media accounts:, and 02/07/2020 (TV Series Craze)

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Known as the RnB Balladeer, The Clash Season 1 alumnus Garrett Bolden shared to bloggers his first winning moment via his exclusive solo BlogCon held at Tiyo Kraft Kitchen, January 31, 2020.

Garrett bagged his first award as the Best New Male Artist in the recently concluded 11TH PMPC Star Awards for Music.

Garrett revealed that he just attended the awards night just to experience how it feels to attend an awarding ceremony just like this. But he didn't expect that he will bag the victory!

During our blogcon, Garrett expressed his gratitude for all the success he received. And yes, of all the alumni of the said singing competition of GMA Network, Garrett rose to be one of the brightest. How does he feel about it?

Well, watch our full live video coverage below during Garrett's Q & A:

Before our blogcon proper, Garrett also serenaded us with his RnB covers. Check his performance below in  one of our live videos:

And right after our blogcon, I sit  a new one-on-one exclusive interview with Garrett. This time, we played the trending "Jojowain O Totropahin" challenge combining the Kapuso and Kapamilya female singers. Let's all watch this:

Garrett is very vocal that he admires the Kapuso Asia's Diva Julie Anne San Jose. If there's a special song for Catriona Gray, Garrett will also dedicate a song for Julie if given a chance!

Meanwhile, check more of our event photos below:

Once more, congrats Garrett! Looking forward for your new singles, albums, and collaborations with the different artists this 2020 onward. Thumbs up and more power! 02/04/2020 (TV Series Craze)

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Five of the lead cast members namely Mccoy De Leon, Dimples Romana, Ina Raymundo, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto together with the movie director Mikhail Red graced the blogger's conference of the very first Pinoy zombie film in the country, the "Block Z" held at the Preview Room of ABS-CBN's 9501 Restaurant, January, 29, 2020.

Interesting topics were tackled during the group discussions including the making of the movie, the budget allotted in doing such kind of film, the challenges and frightening experience they had during taping, and the casts' favorite Pinoy films. They even shared their insights on the current Novel Coronavirus issue and what they can do to stop the spread of the virus.

But the most intriguing topic which awaken the senses of the bloggers and stars present during the event was the JoshLia issues.

Joshua and Julia clarified their 'dedma' issue during the Chinese New Year celebration where they both attended. "Totoo nga bang hindi nagpansinan sina Joshua at Julia?"

The two further cleared the 'unfollowing' issue of Julia to Joshua. "Bakit daw ni-unfollow ni Julia si Joshua?" "Ano ang naging reaction ni Joshua tungkol dito?"

Here are some of our live video coverage during the event clarifying the JoshLia issues:

JoshLia Reacts on their Issues:

The 'Dedmahan' Incident:

And of course, Julia bravely answered the unstoppable bashing against her. Here is her strong words:

And of course, here is the full live video coverage taken during the event:

Aside from the Julia-Joshua topics, other issues brought up during the event was the lovelife of Mccoy. Dimples teased Mccoy to reveal the love of his life! Who do you think is the lucky girl?!

And of course, the casts shared why we should watch "Block Z."

 "Block Z," Star Cinema's opening salvo for 2020 is now showing in theaters nationwide! Catch it out and don't be left behind! 01/30/2020 (TV Series Craze)

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Monday, January 27, 2020

Village Pipol just got bigger! The first-ever VP Choice Awards finally happened and it has been trending upon its launch.

Presented on January 23, it surely was a success with almost 200 guests attending the event. Brand executives, online personalities and celebrities experienced a one-of-a-kind red carpet awarding ceremony.

Held at Casino Filipino Manila Bay, VP Choice Awards accommodated guests at the main ballroom.

ABS-CBN’s Ultimate Bidaman winner Jin Macapagal and GMA Network’s IT-girl Ashley Ortega hosted the first-ever VP Choice Awards. Hailed as the star-studded gathering with millennial artists Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Darren Espanto, Mimiyuuuh, and even the famous SB19 gracing the event. Of course, the awards night featured a tight competition among all nominees three major categories: Travel, Lifestyle, and Entertainment.

As the event’s title sponsor, they also had the chance to present an award to the lucky guests. Senior Marketing Officer of the Manila Bay Branch Gerlie Bonleon presented the Casino Filipino’s Star of the Night. She presented it to VPCA’s Loveteam of the Year awardee MayWard who surely gave the event an extra shine.

In behalf of Village Pipol, we are truly grateful for Casino Filipino for accommodating the first-ever VP Choice Awards! 01/27/2020 (TV Series Craze)

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Saturday, January 25, 2020

The newest OPM hip-hop muse LIRAH is set to release a surprise track with hip-hop power players Ex Battalion for a collab to end all collabs. “Mahal Mo Rin Ba Ako?”, to be released on February 7, 2020, features Bosx1ne and Flow G. The track is LIRAH’s follow up to the hit “Sahod” and is released under Ivory Music & Video.

“Mahal Mo Rin Ba Ako?” shows a different side of the hip-hop prodigy. Showcasing LIRAH’s sweet yet powerful vocals, the track details the feelings of falling miserably in love with a person, leaving us with the question “Do you love me as much as I love you?” Bosx1ne and Flow G’s verses are as powerful and impassioned, showcasing the rappers’ lyricism and poetry that made them a staple in today’s charts. “Mahal Mo Rin Ba Ako?” is an emotional concoction of lyrics that touch hearts and a melody that speaks to the soul.

LIRAH has been hustling in the music industry since she was 13 years old, joining and finishing strong in GMA 7’s reality singing competition Protégé: The Battle for the Big Break. Her stellar performance in the said competition impressed judge Gloc-9 so much that he took LIRAH under his wing soon after. Her debut single “Sahod” (released August 23, 2019) was received widely by OPM fans and had earned her a Best New Artist nomination from Wave 89.1’s Year End Awards 2019.

Ex Battalion is a hip-hop collective known for pushing the boundaries of OPM hip-hop. Their hit single “Hayaan Mo Sila” is one of the most streamed songs of 2017. Its music video currently has 80 million hits on YouTube. The group has since been dominating the airplay, social media, streaming and downloading sites.

LIRAH’s “Mahal Mo Rin Ba Ako?” featuring Bosx1ne and Flow G will be available in digital music stores starting February 7, 2020.

Pre-save LIRAH’s “Mahal Mo Rin Ba Ako” on @spotify

For digital stores:

For Apple Music Video:
For more updates on #LIRAH and #MahalMoRinBaAko, see the link below:


Truly excited for this new single! Congrats Lirah! Keep it up! 01/25/2020 (TV Series Craze)

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GMA network brings the classic 1984 comedy film "Anak ni Waray vs. Anak ni Biday" by Regal Films into the modern-day teleserye starring Barbie Forteza and Kate Valdez.

The newest teleserye is set to premiere on GMA Telebabad this coming Monday, January 27, 2020 right after 24 Oras.

Prior to its premiere telecast, a grand media conference was held in GMA Network last January 21 where the full cast members participated.

Well, without further talks, here are our full live coverage videos during the event. Let's all watch these:

Introducing the Cast Members:

Golden Canedo Sang the Theme Song:

The Full Livestream:

More Q & A with the Casts:

Are you now more excited  to watch this upcoming TV Series from the Kapuso network? This is truly another sure hit! Can't wait! 01/25/2020 (TV Series Craze)

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Beginning January 27, the most sensational rivalry ensues between friends-turned-mortal enemies from two different regions on GMA Network's TV adaptation of the hit 1984 movie by Regal Films, 'Anak Ni Waray Vs. Anak Ni Biday.'

The much-awaited reimagining of the classic film is headlined by two of the Network’s brightest stars – Kapuso Primetime Princess Barbie Forteza as Ginalyn and promising young Kapuso actress Kate Valdez as Caitlyn. The drama also highlights famous tourist destinations from the provinces of Leyte and Ilocos namely the iconic San Juanico Bridge and the thrilling Paoay Sand Dunes.

Barbie shares that she took classes to learn the Waray dialect but what she mostly enjoyed was immersing herself into their culture, “Tinuro sa amin how they live, kung papaano sila magtrabaho para sa family nila. Nakakatuwa kasi parehas na may strong personality ang mga taga-Leyte at Ilocos. Ang sarap gampanan ng role ko kasi very empowering siya especially sa mga kababaihan. Kilala ang mga Waray na palaban at hindi papatalo.”

Kate says she’s happy to be working with Barbie for the first time in this soap, “Actually noong workshop pa  lang, sobrang ramdam ko na very warm si Barbie. Naramdaman ko ‘yung care niya sa akin as an ate. Kaya excited ako na maka-work ko pa siya sa maraming eksena.”

The drama also introduces the exciting reunion of seasoned actresses Ms. Snooky Serna as Amy and Ms. Dina Bonnevie as Sussie in their most colorful roles yet.

Snooky, who portrayed the role of Biday’s daughter in the original film, shares what makes this TV adaptation unique from the movie, “‘Yung version namin ngayon, they put a little bit more of drama in it. It’s not a complete copy of the original story. They give it a different twist altogether so we have a different story. Ang pareha lang ay sina Waray at Biday, perennially mortal enemies talaga sila.”

Dina, who has no trouble speaking Ilocano after marrying a native, reveals why she opted to accept the role of Biday, “After a long time, Snooky and I will be working together again. I really welcomed it because I haven’t done comedy in a long time. Excited ako kasi kakaiba and I won’t have to cry buckets of tears.”

Adding spice to the already fuming feud between the Warays and Bidays are: Migo Adecer as Cocoy, a charming city boy who crosses paths with Ginalyn and Caitlyn; Jay Manalo as Joaquin, a dashing man from Manila who becomes Amy and Sussie’s apple of eye leading to their broken friendship; Teresa Loyzaga as Dorcas, Joaquin’s sophisticated cousin who would do anything to keep their family’s riches to herself; Faith da Silva as Agatha, Dorcas’ spoiled brat daughter; Jean Saburit as Vanessa, doting mother of Cocoy; Tanya Montenegro as Glenda, Amy’s cousin and close confidant from Leyte; Benedict Cua as Benny, a famous charismatic vlogger of Filipino-Chinese descent and Caitlyn’s best friend; and Ms. Celia Rodriguez as Zenaida, Sussie’s elitist and controlling mother who makes Amy’s life a living hell.

Anak Ni Waray Vs. Anak Ni Biday also features the special participation of Lovi Poe as young Sussie and Max Collins as young Amy who will be portraying the roles of Dina and Snooky, respectively, during their younger years for the pilot week; together with Jason Abalos as young Joaquin; Pinky Amador as young Zenaida; Mike ‘Pekto’ Nacua as Randy, young Joaquin’s comrade; Yanna Asistio as young Glenda; and Franco Gray Nerona as Joni, young Amy’s friend and fellow helper in Sussie’s villa. 

Despite being worlds apart in status and origin, young Amy (Max Collins) the Waray from Leyte and young Sussie (Lovi Poe) the Biday from Ilocos are the best of friends. Young Amy works for young Sussie’s rich Ilocano family based in Manila in exchange for the latter’s family funding her school expenses. Their inseparable bond is jeopardized when the dashing young Joaquin (Jason Abalos) captures the hearts of both women. After finding out that they have fallen in love with the same man, young Amy and young Sussie’s lovely friendship is now in shambles and to make it worse – the two are bearing young Joaquin’s children.

Years passed, Amy’s (Snooky Serna) daughter Ginalyn (Barbie Forteza) grows up into a diligent and optimistic woman who juggles their Binagol business and her tour guide duties. Meanwhile, Sussie’s (Dina Bonnevie) prim and proper daughter Caitlyn (Kate Valdez) is a frustrated vlogger with dreams of making it big one day. Just as Amy and Sussie thought they have left their past behind, history repeats itself when their daughters cross paths and ironically become good friends.

When the truth about their mothers’ feud comes out, will the budding friendship of Ginalyn and Caitlyn also be put to the test? And with Joaquin’s (Jay Manalo) comeback, will peace ever exist between the families of the Bidays and Warays?

This original series, created by the GMA Entertainment Group, is headed by the SVP for Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable, VP for Drama Redgie A. Magno, AVP for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy, Senior Program Manager Camille Hermoso-Hafezan, and Executive Producer Arlene Pilapil.

The show’s creative team is composed of creative director Aloy Adlawan; creative head Richard “Dode” Cruz; creative consultant Jojo Tawasil Nones; headwriter Renato Custodio; writers Tina Samson-Velasco and Erwin Bravo; and brainstormers Wiro Michael Ladera, Liberty Constantino, and Kayla Factolerin. 

Under the helm of esteemed Director Mark Sicat dela Cruz, catch the world premiere of Anak Ni Waray Vs. Anak Ni Biday beginning January 27, weeknights, after 24 Oras on GMA Telebabad.

Kapuso viewers from across the globe can also catch their favorite Kapuso shows via GMA’s international channels GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV, and GMA News TV International. For the program guide, visit 01/25/2020 (TV Series Craze)

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