Pinoy Big Brother Teenternational 'Bed Spacer' Housemates – "The Caucasian Boys"

After we invade Asia, time now to go the US-related countries! Let's go to US, Canada, and Australia and bring these boys to the Big Brother house!

These were the batch three who will live in the Apartment house as Bed Spacer. They were so-called as the Caucasian Boys since they belong to the upper white race! They were the first batch of international housemates who enter the big brother house last night.

Get to know these white boys:

James - “Ang Dashing Dude ng Australia"

Carson - “Ang Loving Lad ng Canada"

Bret - “Ang Indie Singer ng USA”

What these three boys have in common?! Well, they were all talented and skillful! One of them loves music while the other one loves sports. If the other one loves to sing indie music, then one of them loves to play guitar! One is a tri-athlete while the other one has a lot of skills! In other words, they were all multi-talented!

Want to know them more?! Well, see them in the Kuya's house! Which of these three boys is your bet!

Now we already completed the international bed spacers in the kuya's house! Asian, Korean, Caucasian...who do you prefer?! It's such a United Nation in the apartment house! How did they 'clash' our fellow Pinoy teen housemate?! C",)

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