Claudine Barretto Reveals Secrets of Randy Santiago!

The saga of the rift between the showbiz couple Claudine Barretto and  Raymart Santiago continues! This time, the name of Raymart's elder brother Randy Santiago was dragged into the issue.

The conflict started between Claudine and Randy started when Randy mentioned in his interview that Raymart don’t have the capability to hurt Claudine and expressed confidence that the truth will prevail.

With this statement, Claudine breaks her silence and expressed her side on the issue. In an interview with the media press last Thursday, August 23, Claudine briefly said that they are bullying her. “Kuya Randy, stop bullying me!” the Optimum Teleserye Star said.  

Aside from that, Claudine gave a blasting statement showing that she was already pissed off with Raymart's brother:

"Hindi na ako papayag. Nabastos na ako noon. Huwag nila ako babastusin. Like what I've said, do not mess with my kids. Do not mess with my children. Huwag niyong gawin sa akin yung ginawa nyo kay Sherilyn Reyes at kay Paoie (ex husband of Jun Jun, brother of Raymart)" Claudine asserts.

With these words from Claudine, the reporters still seemed bitin with the statement of Claudine. There might be another part of this revelations!

Meanwhile, Claudine's sisters Gretchen and Marjorie decided not to give comments on the issue and remain silent. (

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