Marian Rivera is No. 1 in the 'Top Ten Most Hated People in the World' List!

The Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera took the lead spot in the Top 10 Most Hated People in the World list conducted by the website

Marian swept Justin Bieber, Adolf Hitler, and Osama Bin Laden who took the second, third, and fourth places respectively. 

Some of the reasons why people voted for her were the following:
  • Her smile is fake. She does charities for the cameras, and not really as a genuine concern. She gets into trouble most of the time for the little things that irritate her, bringing out her foul-mouthed tirades.
  • Flirting with someone boyfriend and she have an attitude problems... Shouting on fans, and other more...
  • She doesn't know the word RESPECT! In her angelic face hides a demonic personality.such a garbage marian rivera!
  • Because she is a "Phsycology"
  • I don't like her attitude. She acts like she was born in squatters area. She's what Filipinos called "Palengkera" it's not very attractive considering she has the face of an angel. She's very popular but I don't know if it's because she's a good actress or becuase a lot of people hate her 

Here is the link of the complete list of the Top Ten Most Hated People:

Do you agree that Marian Rivera deserve to be in the top list?! What can you say about this poll?! (

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