Two Endings on Friday The 13TH!

Today is another Friday the 13TH! And for many, it is a remarkable day since most of them believe that this is a bad or a frightening day! But of course some believes that it is still a lucky day!

Today in the world of TV series, two great teleseryes from two big networks ended! An epic-serye of GMA-7 and a mystery-serye remake of ABS-CBN both bid goodbye!

"Amaya" or "Nasaan Ka Elisa?," which ending captured your senses?!

An Epic Ending!

A Tragic Ending!

"Amaya" ended with a glory on her hands! In the finale of this Kapuso epic-serye, we all witnessed why Amaya becomes the greatest Pinay woman in her time. Of course, the lead star Marian Rivera was reunited to her real-life boyfriend Dingdong Dates as this Kapuso hunk portrayed the character of Ferdinand Magellan!

Meanwhile if all were celebrating in the ending of "Amaya," the Altamira family were mourning for the lost of the favorite daughter Elisa (Melissa Ricks). After a series of search and discoveries, Elisa passed away in the end! Her greed auntie Cecile (Vina Morales) caused the death of her niece after learning that Elisa was the other woman of Bruno (Eric Fructuoso), the man she truly loves!

Which between these two TV series made you hooked on the TV screen?! Which among them got a memorable and remarkable ending?!

Good job for the success of these two teleseryes! If two ended this Friday, this coming Monday, we are about to welcome two new soaps again from these two rival networks! Another exciting fight...! (

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