'Nasaan Ka Elisa?' Bid a Tragic Farewell!

Tonight is the finale of the hit mysterious TV series remake "Nasaan Ka Elisa?!" But before this much-awaited ending, the whole country was shocked by its second to the last episode aired last night!

Mariano (Albert Martinez) and his family finally knew that his sister Cecille (Vina Morales) is the one who gunshot Elisa (Melissa Ricks) causing his daughter in an almost death situation! But Cecille still continued her plan and hostaged Mariano's younger daughter!

During the confrontation situation, Cecille tried to shot Mariano's daughter before the girl escaped from her hands! But it was the wife of Mariano, Dana (Agot Isidro) who shot Cecille to save her daughter! Cecille then left bloody and brought her to the hospital!

The member of the Altamira family were reunited in the hospital until a bad news came to them!

Elisa is dying! Her loving family immediately came to her witnessing her tragic condition!

Are tears about to fall heavily tonight in this grand finale of "Nasaan Ka Elisa?!" In the teaser of the final episode, the whole Altamira is mourning for the lost of their love ones! Is it Elisa whom all of them were crying for?! Or is it her wicked aunt Cecille?! Who between Cecille and Elisa was saved and who between them bid goodbye?! Or both of them passed away?! How will the Altamiras face the next chapters in their lives minus the total lost of their love ones?!

These were just sonme of the exciting things everyone is waiting for tonight in the ending of "Nasaan Ka Elisa?" Witness this exciting final revelation tonight right after "My Binondo Girl" only in the top-rating ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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