8 More Scandal Videos of Ramgen Revilla and Janelle Manahan to Spread!

Janelle Manahan already confirmed in her confrontational interview with Boy Abunda in "The Bottomline" that she and slain boyfriend Ram Revilla did a couple of sex videos! After her interview in this TV program, different news reported that 9 more sex videos of the couple were about to spread!

Early this week, many confirmed that a second sex video of Ramgen and Janelle is already circulating in the mobile phones of many people. The said second video shows Ram and Janelle doing it from bathroom to bedroom but with a poor quality compared with the first one!

One in late December and another one early this week, so are we expecting for 8 more sex videos of Ramgen and Janelle to spread some other days?!

Janelle said that the videos were already deleted by the two of them when the video scandal of Hayden Kho erupted in May of 2009. The videos, however, were retrieved by the alleged perpetrators from the computer's hard-drive.

Hmmm...is history truly repeating itself?! If last 2009 more and more sex videos of former doctor Hayden Kho were spreading, are the same thing happening but of Ramgen and Janelle this time?!

Hayz...so sad to learn that despite the campaign to stop the spread of these sex videos and to capture the real masterminds behind, another way around is happening!

Who do you think are the brains behind these scandalous videos?! Are the spread of the videos really intentional to destroy one's dignity or it's just for the sake of fun?! Hope they still have respect and conscience for the one now resting in peace! (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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