The Second Video Scandal of Ramgem Revilla and Janelle Manahan!

After the leak of the first sex video of the slain Ramgem Revilla and his girlfriend Janelle Manahan on the internet early this year, another sex video of these hot couple is said spreading on the world wide web!

Janelle already confirmed on her interview with Boy Abunda on "The Bottomline" that she and her slain boyfriend Ram Revilla did a couple of sex videos! And this second video is now being shared with many people in their mobile phones!

The said second video scandal allegedly featured Ram and Janelle doing it from the bathroom to the bedroom, the couple doing "it" with a stationary camera recording the said intimate moment. But the quality of this video is poor compared with the second one!

It's too unfair and very frustrating to know that a second video scandal was uploaded despite the appeals from Janelle for it to be stopped not for herself but as respect to Ram! And it seems that the upload of this second video is really intentional!

Hope that the spread of these videos will stop just for the sake of peace and justice for both Ram and Janelle! (

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