The Angel Locsin - John Lloyd Cruz New Head and Shoulders TVC Has a Thai Version!

Head and Shoulders releases their newest TV commercial featuring once more the hot love team of Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz. In the said TV commercial, we can see the 'kulitan' moment of Angel and Lloydie!

But do you know that there is also a Thai version of the said same TV commercial?! Yes, same Head and Shoulder TV commercial with the same setting but Thai stars reprise the roles of Angel and Lloydie! Nice!

I have here with you the two versions of Head and Shoulders TV commercial. The first one is of course the version of John Lloyd and Angel. And the second one is the Thai version. Let's compare and contrast these two TVCs. Here they go:

The Angel - Lloydie Version:

The Thai Version:

Great! Very nice to watch the two versions of the TVCs! They were so funny! The two TVCS were almost similar! Even the attire of the stars were the same!

The only difference are the actors playing the roles and the language! The Angel-Lloydie TVC is in Filipino while the Thai version is in Thai language!

Two thumbs up for these two TV commercials! We super like them! Great one Angel, Lloydie, and Head and Shoulders! c",)

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