Newest Koreanovela ‘Gourmet’ Offers Unique Korean Cuisine Every Afternoon!

A brand new Korean drama just started this Monday afternoon on the heart of Asianovela, GMA-7!

"Gourmet" is another Koreanovela wherein the story revolves around the kitchen. It offers and it showcases different unique Korean cuisines!

The said Korean TV series even marks the comeback of Kim Rae Won who appeared in the hit Korean series like "Attic Cat" and "Love Story in Harvard" which both aired on the Kapuso network!

The story tells of Patrick (Kim Rae Won), an orphan raised by a family that owns Korea’s most famous traditional restaurant, Woonamjung. This family, headed by Chef Oh (Choi Bul Am), also claims to be descendants of the Joseon Dynasty’s last royal chef.

As an adopted child, Patrick often disappointed Chef Oh until he decided to become a chef too. It was then that Chef Oh saw Patrick’s surprising talent and verified a secret about who the young man really is.

This TV series is similar to the previous Primetime Koreanovela "The Baker King" since the story will also show a rivalry between two brothers. Here in "Gourmet", we can see a competition between Patrick and his brother Robert (Kwon Oh Jung). And if "The Baker King" features cakes, breads, and pastries, "Gourmet" then showcases cuisines!

"Gourmet" airs weekdays on GMA-7's Dramarama right after "Sisid!" c",)

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