A Very Sweet and Romantic Ending of 'My Princess!'

Today we will witness a very sweet and romantic finale of the 100% kilig daytime Koreanovela.

If on Primetime, two fantaseryes will have a magical finales tonight, this afternoon get ready to feel inlove with the ending of the romance-comedy Korean TV series, "My Princess!"

What do you think will be the final fate of the romance of Lizelle (Kim Tae Hae) and Ethan (Song Seung Heon)?! How far will love bring them?!

Well, if you can't wait to see the final episode of "My Princess" on ABS-CBN later today, I have it here with you. Here is the finale of "My Princess!" Be the first to watch it here. But so sorry that it is not dubbed in Filipino or in English. But still use it as your preview for today's episode. Here it goes:

Nice! Two thumbs up! So expect this afternoon a very cool and crazy kissing scenes of Ethan and Lizelle in their final episode! Lizelle is very cute as she forced Ethan kissing her on the airplane!

"My Princess" is such a great romance-comedy Korean TV series! Everybody truly becomes hooked with the story as well as to the characters of Kim Tae Hae and Song Seung Heon. Many requested for a part two of this hit TV series!

We are really, really excited for its ending today! Go, go, go Ethan and Lizelle! Love, love, love!!! c",)

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