Behind The Scene: The "Cold Water" Sexy Scene of Song Seung Heon in 'My Princess!'

One of the hottest and sexiest scenes in the Koreanovela "My Princess" which truly captivated the attention of many is the sexy shower scene of Song Seung Heon.

Song Seung Heon who is portraying the character of Ethan showed his abs and sexy body in this romance-comedy TV series. He is in half-naked during the shower scene. His lower body was covered with white tower when Lizelle, the character of Kim Tae Hae enters his house!

If you feel hot and inlove with the sexiness and yumminess of Song Seung Heon during that particular scene, what more behind that said scene?! Well, here is the behind the scene called "Cold Water" wherein Song Seung Heon is in sexy topless showing his sizzling body! He rubs his abs which truly made him so yummy! Let's all watch this:

Many truly appreciated the hot sexy body of this hunk Korean actor. One of the commentators of this said video says, "sooo HOT! he looks so yummy when he rubs his abs like that... tysk! tsk! he's such a tease ^__*"!

How about you, what can you say and feel?! Song Seung Heon is one of the reason why many viewers got hooked with "My Princess!" He is such a one hunk yummy Papa everyone is wishing to have!

We're pretty sure that everyone will truly missed this hot Korean guy as "My Princess" will be concluded today! Good look Song Seung Heon! More power and keep up the good work! c",)

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