A Very Sexy and Beautiful Kim Chiu in the Newest Olay TV Commercial!

She is now truly grown to be a beautiful lady! She's so pretty, sexy, and truly captivating!

The Primetime Princess Ms. Kim Chiu is the newest endorser of Olay White Soap. Her real beauty is exposed as she shows more skin in this very interesting TVC of Olay.

This said TV commercial is entitled "Spotlight"! Kim in the TVC at first hides her skin because of dark spots. But after using this whitening soap, her true white beauty comes out! Now she can freely go outside in the spotlight!

Here is that said TV commercial. Let's all watch this:

Yeah, the baby is now a lady! A former pa-tweetums teenager is now a beautiful woman! That is Kim Chiu! Bravo, bravo, bravo! All is truly appreciating the beauty of Ms. Kim!

Kim Chiu is today's in-demand actress. This Olay White soap is Kim's one of the many!

Aside from Kim, other Kapamilya young actresses like Empress Schuck and Erich Gonzales also endorsed Olay!

Great one girls! Keep on showing your real beauties! Keep it up! c",)

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