The Jericho Rosales 'Lamang Ang Malaman' 555 Tuna TVC!

Kapamilya hunk actor Mr. Jericho Rosales once more appear in the newest TV commercial of 555 Tuna. And this newest TVC is already shown on TV.

This said TV commercial of 555 Tuna is entitled "Lupit"! It has a theme song of Hagibis' "Katawan"!

Since the slogan of this newest TVC is "Lamang ang Malaman", it shows hunk workers with different jobs. Echo even showed his sexiness via his half-opened polo!

Here are the two video clips of this said TVC. The first one is the actual TV commercial shown on TV while the other one is the behind the scene video with a commercial loop. Let's all watch these two:

The Actual TV Commercial:

Behind The Scene and TVC Loop:

Actually, a big billboard of 555 Tuna is already up and posted in the road of EDSA showing a sexy Jericho Rosales with the other hunk guys.

Echo is truly in-demand and very popular nowadays! Aside from appearing in different TV commercials, his current TV series called "Green Rose" is on-going. He is even in the international limelight as he lead the Hollywood movie, "Subject: I Love You"! What more, he is also a recording artist! His song called "Bumuhos Man Ang Ulan" which is also the theme song of "Green Rose" is already on the No. 1 spot of radio's hit list!

Nice one Echo! You're the man bro! Keep up the good work and more power! c",)

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