Behind The Scene: The Picture and Holding Hands of Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hae in 'My Princess!'

The first ever tandem of two Korean stars Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hae truly posted 100% 'kilig' to many viewers. On-cam and off-cam, they were truly sweet!

Kim Tae Hae and Song Seung Heon played two opposing characters in the story. Kim Tae Hae is the long-lost princess named Liezelle while Song Seung Heon portrayed the diplomat Ethan. Though opposes in many ways, love brings them together!

If you enjoy and feel hot with the half-naked "Cold Water" behind the scene of the Korean hottie Song Seung Heon, this time feel inlove and be inspired with the 100% 'kilig' behind the scene video of these two main characters.

This behind the scene is called "Photo and Holding Hands Scene". Let's all watch this and feel the love. Here it goes:

Truly Kim Tae Hae and Song Seung Heon are perfect pair! They undeniably have a perfect 'chemistry!' Perfect match as they say!

Now that "My Princess" is facing its last episode, everybody is very excited to see the destiny of their love story! And we truly miss this pair!

We all hope that Kim Tae Hae and Song Seung Heon be paired again in another Korean TV series or movie project! More power to the two of you! c",)

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