A Romantic and Sweet Music Video of 'My Princess!'

Still, everyone is in the high spirit of love because of this romance-comedy Korean TV series "My Princess"! All of us were truly captivated by the 'chemistry' of Ethan and Lizelle!

"My Princess" marks the very first tandem of two of the hottest Korean stars Kim Tae Hae and Song Seung Heon. They were a perfect couple! Everyone is wishing that their romance in the TV series will come to life!

And because the tandem of Kim Tae Hae and Song Seung Heon becomes so popular, a die-hard fan created a special music video for them. Here is a fan-made music video of Kim Tae Hae and Song Seung Heon. Their sweet and romantic scenes from "My Princess" were compiled and put into one MV. Once more, let's fall inlove with them! The song itself is very cool and inspiring! Don't worry 'cause you will understand it since there is an English subtitle below. Here it goes:

Now that "My Princess" is already on its last day, fans and viewers will truly miss Ethan and Liezelle. And we all hope that they will be paired once more in another new TV series!

How about if Kim Tae Hae and Song Seung Heon visit us here in the Philippines?! Then this will gonna be a dream come true for many of us! We hope!

Good job Kim Tae Hae and Song Seung Heon! See you once again! Love, love, love...!!! c",)

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